5 Law Specialties You Should Consider

Practicing law is an umbrella term for the variety of areas in which you can specialize. Each field of law has its own unique skill set and requires specific knowledge. In law school, there is often an opportunity to specialize and focus on one area of study.

Whether you’re in law school or considering a new law field, there are plenty of options for law specialties. Not every lawyer goes to trial or works for a company. With so many specialties, you’re sure to find one that best fits your interests.

Learn about five fields of law and what being a lawyer in those fields are like in this quick guide.

1. Labor and Employment Law

Labor and employment law work is a vast field that generally. Clients of labor or employment lawyers may include a government agency, government employees, business owners or employees, unions and union members, and job candidates.

They often address issues such as discrimination, harassment, workplace safety, child labor laws, wage disputes, unlawful terminations, and unionization rights.

2. Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property lawyers deal with a company or individual’s rights to inventions and creative works. Within intellectual property law, there are subcategories of patent, trademark, and copyright laws.

These lawyers help clients obtain the proper copyrights or trademarks. They may also defend those whose intellectual property was infringed upon or prosecute those who violated intellectual property law.

3. Animal Law

Animals themselves might not seek out a lawyer, but their caregivers or overseers often do. Animal lawyers often prosecute people who violate animal rights, break animal laws, or mistreat animals. Those who practice animal law may work at a law first that specializes in the field or at an animal rights organization.

Animal rights lawyer jobs may also defend activists or anyone fighting against the mistreatment and exploitation of animals. These lawyers may also work to protect endangered species and expose bad animal practices.

4. Education Law

The field that affects educational agencies, schools, and school districts falls under education law. Within the field, many education lawyers focus on special education, student discipline, policies, and tuition fraud. Education lawyers may work for a school district or teacher’s union.

But they may also work at a first that specializes in education law and represent parents or children in a case against a school district or educational institution.

5. Real Estate Law

This field of law can focus on construction and development, land ownership, and litigation. Real estate lawyers may also handle disputes between landlords and tenants and defend tenant rights.

Real estate can deal with both commercial and residential properties, and real estate lawyers can work with either or both of these specialties. However, many real estate lawyers choose to focus on particular areas of real estate law rather than the whole field.

Law Specialties for You

When many people think of lawyers, they think of someone defending or prosecuting in court or someone who works for a company. But there are many other fields of law beyond what a typical lawyer does.

Nearly every field requires a lawyer or consultations from a lawyer. Depending on your interests and the kind of people you want to help, you can find law specialties that are perfect for you.

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