How to Subscribe Jazz Weekly Super Duper Offer?

Dial *770#

  • 1500 Jazz Mins
  • 60 Other Networks Mins
  • 1500 SMS
  • 3 GB Internet
  • Rs. 210/- (Including Tax).

Jazz Weekly Super Duper Offer

After the Monthly Super card effective proportion, Jazz brings “Weekly Super Duper Card offer” for its prepaid clients, with this clients, can use 3GB lightspeed 4G web, 1500 free Jazz minutes, 1500 SMS, and 60 different organizations mins for the whole week.

It can be subscribed by dialing a code *770#. Remember Jazz consistently give the group at a truly moderate value, the cost of Super duper Weekly Offer is 210 rupees in particular.

How to Check Remaining Status/Volume?

Jazz doesn’t fail to remember a status code when it dispatches another group or offer. Jazz likewise gives a Status code to check the leftover volume of the week by week Super card offer:

  • To Check Remaining Volume: Dial *770*2#
  • To Check Offer Information: Dial *770*3#

How to unsubscribe Weekly Super Duper Offer?

In addition, the offer is non-recursive, implies that the offer will be consequently deactivated after the term of 7 days, and you need to dial again *770# for buying in the offer. However, in the event that you have utilized all the data and minutes and you need to withdraw the offer, at that point Jazz gives a deactivation code too:

  • Deactivation Code: *770*4#

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Only Prepaid clients can enjoy 1500 SMS, minutes, 3GB internet and 60 other networks minutes.
  2. No call setup charges are applicable for On-Net and Off-Net Minutes. However, you have to maintain Rs. 0.15 balance in your SIM.
  3. You can use the SMS, minutes and Internet 24 Hours for the duration of seven days.
  4. Both 3G/4G users can utilize the offer.
  5. Upon dialling *770#, the bundle would be subscribed for the 7 days.
  6. The bundle is not auto-subscribed.
  7. 4G/3G internet speed depends upon on multiple factors like area, SIM, web page, time of day and many more.
  8. If you have not subscribed to any bundle then standard tariff will be applicable upon using Minutes, SMS or internet.

Click Here for General Terms & Conditions.


Finally, Jazz has cleared its intension with clients fulfilment by giving the jazz week by week super duper offer, after enactment you can get 1500 SMS, 3GB Internet data, 1500 Jazz to Jazz Free Minutes, 60 different networks minute for a whole 7 schedule days only for 210 rupees(including tax). Thus, the offer can be subscribed by a code *770#.

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