Jazz Call Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Jazz is also known as “Mobilink,” is one of the biggest networks in Pakistan. Jazz Call packages for every network are acceptable and cheap.

Warid, which has more than 15 million subscribers, recently merged with Jazz in 2016. Therefore, jazz call packages are also usable on Warid SIMs.


Jazz offers a variety of call packages to both prepaid and postpaid customers. But compared to postpaid customers, Jazz offers its prepaid customers an hourly, daily, 3-day, weekly, and monthly call package.

First, we will look at all the Jazz prepaid call packages with different options.

Jazz Daily Call Packages

On a daily basis, Jazz introduced various packages, such as Super F&F packages with which you can get unlimited on-net minutes and unlimited SMS for just one day at just Rs 9.56. If we talk about other packages like Daily Bundle, this offer offers 50 on-minute and 50 SMS (all networks) for only Rs. 14/-.

NetworkPackage NamePrice (Inc. Tax)On-Net MinsOff-Net MinsSMSMBsDurationActivation Code
Jazz Super PlusRs. 28/-50055005001 Day*558#
Jazz Daily SuperRs. 17/-1440501501 Day*212#
Jazz Day BundleRs. 14/-300300201 Day*340#
Jazz Super F&F PackagesRs. 9.56/-UnlimitedUnlimited1 Day*141*F&F_Number#
Jazz Punjab BundleRs. 28/-1001001 Day*6000#
Jazz Sindh PackagesRs. 12/-Unlimited15002501 Day*522#
Karachi Daily HybridRs. 12/-Unlimited15002501 Day*400#
KPK Daily OfferRs. 12/-Unlimited15002501 Day*291#
Apna Shehar PackageRs. 10/-Unlimited15001001 Day*229#

Jazz Weekly Call Packages

From the user who likes the most weekly package. So, Jazz has also introduced weekly call bundles in which the “Jazz Weekly Supermax package” is the best in every way, offering you 6000 on-net minutes, 60 other networks, 6000 SMS (all networks) in addition 30,000 MBs also included for one week For only Rs 299/-. Let’s also see other weekly call packages in the table,

NetworkPackage NamePrice (Inc. Tax)On-Net MinsOff-Net MinsSMSMBsDurationActivation Code
Jazz Weekly Voice OfferRs. 70/-5007 Day*211#
Jazz Weekly All NetworkRs. 170/-100060100010007 DayHow to Subscribe?
Jazz Weekly HybridRs. 120/-100020100010007 DayHow to Subscribe?
Jazz Weekly Super PlusRs. 240/-5000605000120007 DayHow to Subscribe?
Jazz Weekly Super MaxRs. 299/-6000606000300007 DayHow to Subscribe?
Jazz Weekly Super Duper OfferRs. 210/-150060150030007 DayHow to Subscribe?
Weekly Sargodha BundleRs. 88.9/-2000200020007 Day*627#
Haftawar All Rounder BundleRs. 100/-10005010002507 DayHow to Subscribe?

Jazz Monthly Call Packages

Jazz has more than 60 million users in Pakistan. This includes both smartphone and handy phone users. Therefore, Jazz usually provides an offer that is economical for both users. Most customers prefer the monthly bundle over daily and weekly offers. In addition, Jazz brings monthly call packages for both Warid and Jazz users.

NetworkPackage NamePrice (Inc. Tax)On-Net MinsOff-Net MinsSMSMBsDurationActivation Code
Jazz Mahana Bachat OfferRs. 67/-200202000200030 Day*614#
Jazz Supreme Hybrid BundleRs. 299/-1000100100010030 Day*3500#
Jazz Monthly HybridRs. 444/-10000501000100030 Day*430#
Monthly All Rounder BundleRs. 597/-2001500500030 Day*2000#
Jazz Monthly Super Duper OfferRs. 600/-30001503000500030 Day*706#
Jazz Monthly Super Duper PlusRs. 977/-500030050001500030 Day*707#
Jazz Super CardRs. 600/-20001502000200030 Day*601#

Jazz other packages

We’ve already discussed Jazz Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Call Packages. So take a look at other packages like Jazz SIM Lagao Offer, 3 Day Offer, and Jazz Voice Infinity Offers. The “Jazz SIM App Offer” includes 3000 on-net minutes, 3000 SMS (all networks), and 6000 MB for 6 months. Just dial * 551 # and subscribe to the 6 month SIM Lagao offer.

NetworkPackage NamePrice (Inc. Tax)On-Net MinsOff-Net MinsSMSMBsDurationActivation Code
Jazz 4G SIM OfferRs. 0/-400400040007 Days*443*30#
Work From HomeRs. 95/-Unlimited10,0007 Days*117*14#
Jazz SIM Lagao OfferRs. 0.01/-3000300060006 Months*551#
3-Day Max OfferRs. 35/-10010003 Days*631#
Voice Over InfinityRs. 36/-1006 Months*710#

Jazz does not disappoint its users with its useful services. For example, if you have zero balance, then don’t worry, you can get a loan of Rs. 15 from Jazz just by dialing *112#. After receiving Rs. 15, you can subscribe to a bundle from the list.

Jazz Daily bundle came up with 300 Jazz minutes, 300 SMS, and 20 Free MB’s in just only Rs. 12/-.

  • Simply Dial *340#
  • Status Code *340*2#

Jazz F&F packages is for one special person. Jazz allow you to send unlimited SMS and perform unlimited voice call to that one number in just only 9.56/-.

  • Dial *141*F&F Number# (e.g *141*03001234567#)

Apna Shehar Package is for selected cities only. It comes up with the Unlimited Jazz Minutes, 1500 SMS, and 100 MBs data volume for browsing and as well as Social platform.

  • For Subscription: *229#.

Now, what about Warid customers?

All Warid users can subscribe to one of the Jazz Call Packages, which is discussed briefly above. If a user has a Waird SIM, he can transfer his SIM from Warid to Jazz without changing his number. In addition, all Warid call packages are usable on the Jazz network.

How can I check the remaining status of any call Packages?

You can check the remaining free minutes of any call bundle by just dialing *2# additional with your package code. For example, if you subscribed Jazz Super Weekly Max offer then for checking the status you have to dial *506*2#.

How can I subscribe to Jazz Weekly Hybrid Bundle?

For Subscribing, the subscription code is *407*, and you will get 1000 Mobilink Jazz minutes, 20 Off-Net minutes, 1000 SMS (all networks), and 500 MBs data volume in Rs. 115/-.


Jazz is Pakistan’s number one network providing the best 3G and 4G services to its customers after merging with Warid. Therefore, Jazz introduced a variety of call bundles to take care of both customers.

In this article, we have already explored all the jazz call packages in every possible way. So now it’s up to you which package is appropriate and why? Call packages of jazz are very affordable as compared to other networks in Pakistan.

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