Zong Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly 3G/4G

Zong always tries to convey the best 4G services in Pakistan. It is Pakistan’s second-largest GSM mobile service network. it provides the best 4G Zong internet packages to its users.

Zong Internet Packages

As everyone has their own choice either they use Prepaid or Postpaid Zong SIMS. For this, Zong comes up with an affordable 4G bundle for both users. Firstly we take a look at Zong Prepaid Internet bundles. It provides daily, weekly, and Monthly bundles.

Zong the first network that provides Free Facebook service all over in Pakistan without any balance. If you wanna use free Facebook, then you have to follow simple steps:

  • Create a new Facebook account using your Zong number.
  • Validility = 14 Days

Zong Daily Internet Bundles

It provides different types of 4G daily internet bundles. Zong provides basic, Max, and Night offer, by subscribing to any package from the given list below you can enjoy entertainment 24 Hours.

NetworkPackage NamePriceVolumeDurationActivation Code
zong internet packagesDaily BasicRs. 17+Tax100 MB24 Hours*6464#
zong internet packagesDaily FacebookRs. 05+Tax500 MB (Facebook)24 Hours*32#
zong internet packagesDaily Data MaxRs. 38+Tax500 MB + 500 YouTube24 HoursDial *6464# and follow the steps
zong internet packagesDay Time OfferRs. 16+Tax1200 MB1 Day [4 AM – 7PM]*47#
zong internet packagesGood Night
Rs. 16+Tax2.5 GB1 Day [1 AM – 9 AM]write “gno” and send it to 6464

Zong Weekly Net Offers

Zong provides the best 4G/3G plan in Pakistan. It also takes care of those users who want a weekly subscription. Zong provides the economical Zong weekly net bundles, which include social platform, browsing, YouTube, and also Tik Tok.

NetworkPackage NamePriceVolumeDurationActivation Code
zong internet packagesSuper WeeklyRs. 165
Consumer Price
2.5 GB7 Days*664#
zong internet packagesSuper Weekly PlusRs. 240
Consumer Price
7 GB7 Days*20#
zong internet packagesSuper Weekly MaxRs. 299
Consumer Price
30 GB [15 GB + 15 GB YouTube]
7 Days*220#
zong internet packagesSuper Weekly PremiumRs. 330
Consumer Price
30 GB [15 GB + 15 GB YouTube/Tik Tok] + 100 All Network Mins7 Days*6464#
zong internet packagesWeekly YouTube BundleRs. 135
Consumer Price
8 GB (YouTube)7 Days*570#
zong internet packagesMega Data OfferRs. 100
Consumer Price
50 GB7 Days [1 AM – 9 AM]*808#
Zong Internet Packages

Zong Monthly Internet Packages

Earlier we have already seen the daily and weekly net bundles. so let’s take a look at affordable Zong Monthly bundles. Mostly these packages are for that user who feels vacillation in subscribing bundles again and again. So lets check out the Zong Monthly internet bundles.

NetworkPackage NamePriceVolume
zong internet packagesMonthly Mini 150Rs. 50 + Tax150 MB
zong internet packagesMonthly Basic 500Rs. 150 +Ttax500 MB
zong internet packagesMonthly Premium 5GBRs. 500
Consumer Price
5 GB
zong internet packagesMonthly Premium 30 GBRs. 1000
Consumer Price
30 GB
15 GB Flat + 15 GB (YouTube)
zong internet packagesIMO OfferRs. 30/-2000 MB
zong internet packagesWhatsApp OfferRs. 50/-4 GB
zong internet packagesZong Monthly SMS + WhatsApp BundleRs. 50/-30 MB + 500 SMS
zong internet packagesMonthly 3GBRs. 300/-3 GB
zong internet packagesShandar Monthly OfferRs. 300/-1000 MB
1000 (On-Net Mins)
100 (Off-Net)
1000 SMS
zong internet packagesShandar Monthly OfferRs. 300/-1000 MB
1000 (On-Net Mins)
100 (Off-Net)
1000 SMS
zong internet packagesSupreme PlusRs. 1732/-1000 MB
1000 (On-Net Mins)
600 (Off-Net)
1000 SMS

Zong Data SIM Net Offers

Zong provides a SIM, which only uses for the purpose of data. You can connect with your beloved by subscribing to any monthly package. Zong provides the best deals or bundles to its Data SIM users. The package validity is for 30 days.

NetworkPackage NamePriceVolume
zong internet packagesMonthly SIM 3GBRs. 500/-3000 MB
zong internet packagesMonthly SIM 8 GBRs. 750/-8000 MB
zong internet packagesMonthly SIM 10 GBRs. 800/-10,000 MB
zong internet packagesMonthly SIM 12 GBRs. 1240/-12,000 MB

Zong MBB Device Internet Packages

Some people prefer Wireless net as compared to Wire net. For this, they mostly used Wingle devices. Zong MBBs device packages details are given below. Zong provides 1 Month, 3 months, and a 1-year subscription package.

NetworkPackage NamePriceVolume
zong internet packagesMonthly MBB Device 30 GBRs. 1500/-30 GB
zong internet packagesMonthly MBB Device 60 GBRs. 2000/-60 GB
zong internet packagesMonthly MBB Device 76 GBRs. 3250/-76 GB
zong internet packages3 Month Package 2Rs. 5500/-60 GB
zong internet packages6 Month Package 1Rs. 5951/-150 GB
zong internet packages6 Month Package 2Rs. 10,000/-200 GB

Our Suggestion

There are some situations in which you are run out of balance, and you have to use the internet for some urgent work, and you need only a day’s internet package. for this, we will suggest you, Zong Daily data max bundle. after subscribing to these packages you will get 500 MB data volume and 500 MB YouTube Volume for 24 Hours.

If you are you are searching for the best 4G weekly Zong internet bundle, then surely we will suggest you the best package to you. Zong Super Weekly Max bundle is for you, by which you can enjoy all entertainment related to social sites, Streaming, and as well as downloading.

Zong Super Weekly Max offer provides 30 GB data volume. From which 15 GB can b used only for YouTube and the rest of 15 GB you can use for all entertainment for seven days.

Zong Monthly WhatsApp Offer

You can use 4GB data volume for WhatsApp on Pakistan No. 1 Data Network. Now you can stay connected with your beloved one whole month. You can share Pictures, Videos and makes video calls and voice calls.

How to Subscribe Zong Monthly WhatsApp Package?

Simply dial *247# and get one month subscription and enjoy all features of WhatsApp.

  • Recharge Required = Rs. 50/-.
  • Check Status = *102# (Charges 10 paisa per inquiry).

Zong Monthly Facebook Bundle

Zong also came up with a monthly social package in which you can enjoy Facebook for a whole month. When you subscribe to the Monthly Facebook bundle then you will get 6 GB data volume for Facebook.

Now you can upload pics, videos and share posts with your friends by subscribing to the one-month Facebook offer. You don’t need to worry about the volume because Zong provides the huge volume for Facebook.

How To Subscribe the Monthly Facebook Bundle?

Dial *250# and get 6GB Facebook Volume for one month.

Zong Internet Packages

Zong Weekly YouTube packages

Zong provides the best weekly YouTube bundle in Pakistan. It provides 8 GB data volume for YouTube at an affordable price. By subscribing to the YouTube weekly offer, you can stream the whole week.

How to Subscribe Zong Weekly YouTube Package?

Simply dial *570# and get 8 GB YouTube Volume for seven days.



Zong which is the No. 1 Pakistan Cellular Network. According to Pakistan’s telecommunication report, Zong is the second largest GSM service provider and third largest mobile service in terms of Subscriber. Furthermore, Zong is the second network that successfully tested 5G trails after Jazz.

Being a Pakistan No. 1 network, Zong always takes care of its users by providing the economical data packages. Zong provides the best Zong internet packages on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to its prepaid users.

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