WhatsApp Packages – All Networks – Jazz, Zong, Telenor, Ufone

WhatsApp is the most utilized informing application on the planet. In Pakistan, each network attempting to give moderate WhatsApp Packages to its customers.

WhatsApp Packages – Telenor/Warid/Zong/Jazz

Because of high rivalry between networks, all organization needs to fulfill their client’s requirements, So all the networks give separate WhatsApp bundles at very low rate costs. Here we will examine each WhatsApp offer:

Zong WhatsApp Packages

Zong gives an assortment of WhatsApp including SMS packages. It gives Weekly and Monthly Zong WhatsApp Packages for consumer loyalty. Have You checked out Zong Internet Packages or not?

Package NamePriceVolumeDurationSubscription Code
Weekly WhatsApp BundleRs. 21+Tax200MB WhatsApp +
1500 SMS
07 Days*702#
Monthly WhatsApp & SMS OfferRs. 50+Tax1- 30 MB/Day
2- 500 SMS/Day
30 Days*705#
Zong Monthly WhatsApp PackageRs. 60/-
(Including Tax)
5 GB30 Days*247#
Zong WhatsApp Plus OfferRs. 80/-
(Including Tax)
4 GB (WhatsApp)
200 Free Zong Mins
20 Other Network Mins
30 Days*4000#

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Telenor WhatsApp Offers

Now Telenor clients can appreciate all features of WhatsApp. Telenor gives a minor departure from its WhatsApp offers. With Telenor social package customers can get 50 MB quickest 4G data for WhatsApp only for 1.16 rupees for the whole day.

Package NamePriceVolumeDurationSubscription Code
Telenor Social PackRs. 1.19/-50 MB
(Facebook + WhatsApp)
24 Hours*5*311#
Monthly WhatsApp PackageRs. 05/-1500 MB
30 Days*911#
Monthly Social PackRs. 44.5/-3000 MB
(Facebook + WhatsApp)
100 MB Internet
30 Days*911#
Monthly Social Pack PlusRs. 75/-5000 MB
(Facebook + WhatsApp)
10,000 SMS
30 Days*660#
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Ufone WhatsApp Packages

When contrasted with different networks Ufone doesn’t give various types of WhatsApp offers. It just gives two sorts of Ufone WhatsApp packages; one is for the entire day and the other one is for 30 days. As for Other companies, It does not provide a lot of variation in its Ufone Internet Packages.

Package NamePriceVolumeDurationSubscription Code
Daily WhatsAppRs. 06/-1- 500 MB
(Facebook, WhatsApp)
2- 50 MB
01 A.M – 09 P.M*3461#
Free WhatsAppRs. 00/-2 GB (WhatsApp)30 Days*987#

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Ufone Daily WhatsApp Package

With Ufone daily WhatsApp packages, customers can get 500MB of data for Facebook and WhatsApp, and 50MB of data generally speaking including browsing, YouTube videos, and downloading. The entirety of this only for Rs 06/-. The bundle can be activated by means of *3461#.

Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Bundle

Right off the bat, from Telenor monthly WhatsApp, clients will get 1500 MB of data for WhatsApp only for Rs 15/-, and the offer can be bought in by dialing an overall code *911#.

The subsequent one, the most bought-in offer Monthly Social Pack, gives 3000 MB lightspeed 4G web for Facebook and WhatsApp, and 100 MB of the web for by and large only for Rs 44.45/-(including tax). Methods can purchase the bundle for *911#.

Ultimately, the Monthly social pack plus or all month-to-month SMS + WhatsApp package gives its supporters 5GB fastest 4G web for Social Apps, 10,000 SMS for all networks. Every one of these bundle features is remembered for just Rs 75/-. The Monthly SMS + WhatsApp arrangement can be bought in through *660#. Telenor gives an alternate sort of Monthly WhatsApp group, and each pack has an alternate volume; however, the span for all packs is 30 days.

Zong Weekly WhatsApp Package

Most worth capable network Zong gives a week after week WhatsApp package that seldom gives 200 MB of data to WhatsApp utilize just and 1500 SMS for all organizations for the entire 07 days. The entirety of this at a truly reasonable expense of Rs 21+Tax. The group enrollment can be got by means of *702#.

Zong Monthly WhatsApp Package

In monthly WhatsApp offers, there are two sorts of packages, one offer incorporates gifts with WhatsApp Mbs, and another contains just data for WhatsApp.

With Monthly WhatsApp and SMS offer, clients can get 30 MB/day quickest 4G data for WhatsApp, and 500 SMS/day until the expiry date showed up. This happen only for Rs 50/-. The membership should be possible through *705#.

Moreover, at a similar expense of Rs 50/- (including tax), Zong gives a monthly WhatsApp bundle that incorporates 4GB of lightspeed 4G data for WhatsApp for the entire schedule 30 days. The offer membership code is *247#.

Imagine a scenario in which I disclosed to you an astonishing offer, WhatsApp Plus offer that gives 4GB of the internet to WhatsApp, 200 free Zong minutes, and 20 other nearby network minutes for the whole month. The offer can be initiated through basic code *4000# just for Rs 80/- (including Tax).

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We have aggregated all the WhatsApp bundles in Jazz, Ufone, Zong, and Telenor’s eye. Presently it’s up to you to pick a superior one in regards to your necessities. Nonetheless, Telenor leads in WhatsApp bundles list on account of colossal volume and moderate cost. Our group will propose you initiate the Telenor Monthly Social Pack Plus and enjoy a month-to-month pressure-free bundle.

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