Zong SMS Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly SMS Bundles,

Messaging is the best source to interconnect with your loved one. If you could find out the best packages related SMS then the problem is solved but if not! then we will suggest Zong SMS packages, which cover all your requirements.

Zong SMS Packages

Zong “Sub Keh Do” is Pakistan’s largest 4G network. it always tries to fulfill its user’s requirements. So, it provides affordable SMS bundles to its users. Zong provides SMS offers on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. However, we will cover all Zong SMS packages in this article.


However, On a daily basis, Zong provides a variety of SMS bundles to its user. If you have not sufficient balance then the “Zong Zulu SMS” bundle is for you, which includes 500 SMS for one day in just only 04/-, the subscription code is *704#.

NetworkPackage NamePrice (Inc. Tax)SMSMinutes
MBsDurationActivation CodeDeactivation Code
zong internet packagesZong Zulu SMS BundleRs. 4/-5000101 Day*704#“Unsub” to 704
zong internet packagesZong SMS & WhatsApp BundleRs. 05/-5003001 Day*700#“Unsub” to 700
zong internet packagesZong Full Gap PackageRs. 05/-1007530 (WhatsApp)01 Day118*1#“Unsub” to 1181
zong internet packagesZong Sixer PackageRs. 08/-500Unlimited6 AM – 6 PM*666#“Unsub” to 666111
zong internet packagesZong Perfect PackageRs. 12/-500100004010 PM – 7 PM118*2#“Unsub” to 7171
zong internet packagesZong Flutter PackageRs. 12/-1201205001 Day*369#“Unsub” to 369
zong internet packagesZong Hello 1 DinRs. 13/-1201205001 Day (12 AM)*2200*1#“Unsub” to 4952
zong internet packagesZong Shandar Daily PackageRs. 14/-800Unlimited5001 Day*999#“PAK” to 5225

it also provides a limited time offer from 6 AM – 6 PM, “Zong Sixer Plus Package” offers you unlimited On-Net Minutes, 500 SMS for a short period of time. This offer would not be subscribed to after 6 PM.

Zong Daily SMS Package


Most users prefer weekly bundles. So Zong also offers a variety of packages on a weekly ground. It offers its customers a “Zong Shandar weekly package”, 500 SMS, 500 on-net minutes, and 500 MB, and 40 other network minutes for a week. This bundle can be subscribed upon dialing *7#.

NetworkPackage NamePrice (Inc. Tax)SMSMinutesMBsDurationActivation CodeDeactivation Code
zong internet packagesZong Weekly SMS BundleRs. 21/-150020007 Days*702#“Unsub” to 700
zong internet packagesZong Shandar Weekly PackageRs. 120/-500500 on-Net + 40 other Networks50007 Days*7#Automatically
zong internet packagesZong All in 1-BundleRs. 200/-10001000 on-Net + 40 other Networks100007 Days*6464#
then Press 1, Press 4
zong internet packagesZong Haftawar Load OfferRs. 250/-25002500 on-Net + 80 other Networks250007 Days*70#“Unsub Weekly250”
to 6464
zong internet packagesZong Karachi OfferRs. 250/-50005000 on-Net + 75 other Networks500010 PM – 7 PM*54#Automatically Expires

If you just need SMS and WhatsApp Only then surly we will suggest you Zong Weekly SMS and WhatsApp Bundle, from Which you will get 1500 SMS and 200 MBs (WhatsApp only) for 7 days for only Rs. 21/-. It can be avail by dialing *702#.

Zong SMS Packages


It has also been observed that most users want a monthly subscription which they need a large amount of because they do not want to purchase daily, or weekly SMS packages just because of the volume of the bundle. Therefore, Zong has already solved their problem by providing monthly SMS bundles.

NetworkPackage NamePrice (Inc. Tax)SMSMinutesMBsDurationActivation CodeDeactivation Code
zong internet packagesZong Monthly
SMS & WhatsApp
Rs. 50/-500/Day30 MB/Day
WhatsApp only
30 Days*705#“Unsub” to 700
zong internet packagesZong Monthly Shandar OfferRs. 300/-10001000 on-Net
100 other Networks
100030 Days*1000#“Unsub Mahana”
to 7091
zong internet packagesZong Monthly
Power Pack 500
Rs. 500/-10001000 on-Net
50 other Networks
250030 Days*1313#Expire Automatically
zong internet packagesZong Super
Rs. 650/-25002500 on-Net
150 other Networks
250030 Days*6464#Dial *6464#
zong internet packagesZong Monthly PowerRs. 1000/-15002000 on-Net
150 other Networks
500030 Days*1313#*6464#
zong internet packagesZong Supreme OfferRs. 1000/-50005000 on-Net
300 other Networks
500030 Days*3030#“Unsub 750” to 6464
zong internet packagesZong Supreme PlusRs. 1732/-1000010000 on-Net
600 other Networks
1000030 Days*1500#Auto Expire

Although, Zong offers variations on its monthly SMS packages. Zong Monthly SMS and WhatsApp Bundle offer its customers 500 SMS and 30 MB internet (WhatsApp only) for only Rs 50/- (including Tax). To subscribe, you need to dial *705#.

Zong SMS Packages

Moreover, “Zong Monthly SuperCard” offers its customers 2500 SMS, 2500 MB, 2500 on-net minutes, and 150 all networks for a standard charge of Rs. 650/- for a period of one month. To subscribe, you need to deal with the code *6464# and then press 4 and you will enjoy one monthly subscription.


If you haven’t used your Zong SIM for 3 months, then the Zong SIM LGAO offer is definitely for you, which allows you to send 6000 SMS, 6000 On-Net minutes, 4000 MB for 60 days. You will receive 100 SMS and 100 minutes daily until the package expires.

NetworkPackage NamePrice (Inc. Tax)SMSMinutesMBsDurationActivation Code
zong internet packagesZong SIM Lagao OfferRs. 0/-60006000 on-Net400060 DaysHow to Subscribe?
zong internet packagesZong SINDH OfferRs. 250/-50005000 on-Net
75 other Networks
500030 Days*54#
zong internet packagesZong 3 Month Power PackRs. 1500/-30008000 on-Net
200 other Networks
800090 Days*1313#

In Addition, Zong Supreme Plus is a great bundle that allows you to receive 10,000 SMS, 10,000 MB, 10,000 on-net minutes, and 600 other networks. To subscribe you need to dial a code *1500#. This bundle is non-recursive, you need to dial the subscription code again for gaining the benefits.

  • Zong Daily SMS Bundle Code is *700#.
  • Zong Weekly SMS Package Subscription code is *702#.
  • Zong Monthly SMS Subscription code is *705#.


In the final, Zong “A new Dream” has a strong market share of 21% among cellular networks in Pakistan. It is the second largest GSM company and the third largest mobile service with 36 million subscribers. It is a Pakistan data-based network operator owned by a Chinese company.

Furthermore, We have already covered all of the Zong SMS packages in detail. After searching daily, weekly, and monthly SMS bundles, we found that Zong Weekly SMS Bundle is great in every way for those who just love to chat. However, You can also check other bundles if you need freebies also.

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