Telenor Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, 3G/4G

Telenor which the fastest growing telecommunication network in Pakistan. Telenor provides a comprehensive of value added service in all over Pakistan. Here we will try to explore Telenor Internet Packages in details.

Telenor Internet Packages

With Telenor Net packages, you can enjoy entertainment, social sites, and the fastest browsing on 4G. it provides the best Telenor packages to its both Prepaid & Postpaid users. Firstly we will take a look at the Telenor Prepaid Internet Packages.

Obviously, the number of Prepaid users is greater than Postpaid users. So, Telenor comes up with a variety of net bundles for Prepaid users on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Telenor Daily Internet Packages

We know that Telenor is the fastest-growing network, just because of its packages. Telenor provides different kinds of daily Package. Telenor provides Daily net bundles for 24 Hours in which you can enjoy 50 MB browsing and social volume for 24 Hours. To activate this package you need to dial the given code.

NetworkPackage NamePrice (Inc. Tax)VolumeDurationMint + SMSActivation CodeDeactivation Code
Telenor Packages logo4G Daily Lite BundleRs. 14.28/-50 MB24 HoursN/A*12#Non-Recursive
Telenor Packages logoGood Time OfferRs. 06/-250MB Facebook OnlyValid for next two Hours (except 6 PM to 9 PM)Unlimited On-Net Mins*345*20#Expire After Two Hours
Telenor Packages logoTelenor Social PackRs. 1.19/-50MB (Facebook + WhatsApp only)24 Hours*5*311#Automatically Expire
Telenor Packages logoTelenor Raat Din 3G, 4GRs. 18/-1.5GB24 Hours (12 AM – 12PM)*150#Expire at Noon
Telenor Packages logoDaily YouTube PackageRs. 08/-500MBTill Mid-night*60#Expire at Noon
Telenor Packages

Telenor 3-Day Internet

If you are not much addicted to the internet, then Telenor brings a 3-day Net bundle for you. By subscribing to this bundle you will get 200MB overall and an additional 200MB data volume for Facebook. You need to subscribe to this bundle again after 3-days.

NetworkPackage NamePrice (Inc. Tax)VolumeDurationMint + SMSActivation CodeDeactivation Code
Telenor Packages logo4G 3 Day BundleRs. 49/-1000MB + 500MB (12 AM – 8 AM)3 DayN/A*32#Expire after 3 Days

There is also 3-Day sahulat Offers, by subscribing to this bundle you can enjoy 250 On-net Mins, 25 Off-net Mins for 3 days. However, this bundle includes 50MB of data volume and 100MB for WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook. You can subscribe to this offer by just visiting the official site of Telenor.

Telenor Internet Packages

Telenor Weekly Internet Packages

Most users preferred Weekly net bundles over a 3-day or 1-day internet package. Telenor has already introduced weekly internet packages. Telenor 4G Weekly Ultra Plus bundle include 10GB data volume for 24 Hours for 7 days, and an additional 10GB data volume is from 1 AM to 11 AM. (2GB data volume for Goonj App).

NetworkPackage NamePrice (Inc. Tax)VolumeDurationActivation Code
Telenor Packages logo4G Weekly BundleRs. 75/-750MB07 Days*72#
Telenor Packages logoWeekly Easy CardRs. 130/-1500MB +
1000 On-Net Mins
50 Off-Net
07 Days*963#
Telenor Packages logoMega Weekly Easy CardRs. 222/-10GB (5GB 1 AM – 11 AM only)
2000 On-Net Mins
70 Off-Net Mins
2000 SMS
07 Days*001#
Telenor Packages logoWeekly 6 to 6 OfferRs. 55/-4000MB07 Days (6 AM – 6 PM only)*71#
Telenor Packages logo4G Weekly BundleRs. 90/-750MB + 500MB (Facebook Only)07 Days (1 AM to 7 PM only)*345*144#
Telenor Packages logoHaftawar Chappar Phar OfferRs. 90/-750MB + 350MB (Social Sites) + Unlimited On-net Mins07 Days*5*700#
Telenor Packages logoWeekly All in One OfferRs. 120/-2000MB + Rs. 100/- Balance for Calls & SMS07 Days*345*88#
Telenor Packages logo4G Weekly SuperRs. 110/-4000MB (2000MB 1 AM- 11 AM only)07 Days*288#
Telenor Packages logo4G Weekly UltraRs. 185/-8GB + 1GB (Goonj/Gamebox)07 Days*336#
Telenor Packages logo4G Weekly Ultra PlusRs. 240/-20GB (10GB 1 AM – 11 AM only)
07 Days*225#
Telenor Packages logoMehran internet OfferRs. 120/-3000MB +
Rs. 50/- Balance for Calls & SMS
07 Days*620#
Telenor Packages logoDhamal Internet OfferRs. 85/-2000MB07 Days*812#
Telenor Packages logoSuper Dhamal Internet OfferRs. 150/-5000MB07 Days*946#
Telenor Packages logoWeekly Zoom PackageRs. 80/-5000MB (Zoom App Only)07 Days*345*56#
Telenor Weekly Packages


To check Mega Weekly Easy Card remaining MBs, dial *999#. All weekly packages expire automatically after 7 days, and customers will also be notified when the package expires.

Telenor Monthly Internet Packages

Earlier we have already discussed the Weekly and 1-Day bundle. Most of the users think that there is a problem with weekly or other Telenor packages because they spent excess time on the social platform, browsing, and downloading their favorite songs and movies. So they want huge data for downloading and streaming.

Telenor brings monthly Net bundles in which you will get enough data for social sites, for downloading songs and movies. Just select one package from the given list below:

NetworkPackage NamePrice (Inc. Tax)VolumeDurationActivation Code
Telenor Packages logo4G Monthly Starter Bundle
Rs. 2504000MB + 4000MB (1 AM – 7 AM only)30 Days*72#
Telenor Packages logoMonthly Data OfferRs. 1702000MB+ 1000MB (WhastApp/Goonj/Gamebox)30 Days*345*144#
Telenor Packages logoMonthly Easy CardRs. 5306GB + 6GB (1 AM – 11 AM only)
3000 On-Net Mins
150 Off-Net
3000 SMS
30 Days*530#
Telenor Packages logo4G Monthly Plus PackageRs. 75010,000MB30 Days*345*88#
Telenor Packages logo4G Monthly Ultra BundleRs. 45020GB
(10GB 12 AM – 8 AM only)
30 Days*335#
Telenor Packages logo4G Monthly PackageRs. 5009000MB30 Days*288#

Telenor provides the Daily YouTube Bundles to those users who love to watch Streaming, Video Songs, and Movies on YouTube. Then the Daily YouTube bundle is here. For subscribing to the package, you have to dial *60# and get 500MB data volume for YouTube. This offer automatically Expires at Midnight (12 AM).

Telenor 4G Data SIM Packages

Telenor also takes care of those users who use Telenor Net devices. For that kind of user, Telenor bought monthly data SIM bundles. It provides a variety of data SIM packages on a monthly and 3 monthly basis. You can pick one package from the given list below according to your usage.

Telenor 4G 3 month bundle, which includes 12GB data volume for the 3 month.

NetworkPackage NamePrice (Inc. Tax)VolumeDurationActivation Code
Telenor Packages logo4G Monthly Budget
Rs. 500/-9GB30 Days*345*2001#
Telenor Packages logo4G Monthly StarterRs. 750/-15GB30 Days*345*2002#
Telenor Packages logo4G Monthly LiteRs. 1500/-36GB + 100GB (Free Night 1 AM – 7 AM Only)30 Days*345*1001#
Telenor Packages logo4G Monthly SmartRs. 2200/-85GB + 100GB (Free Night 1 AM – 7 AM Only)30 Days*345*1002#
Telenor Packages logo4G Monthly ValueRs. 3800/-150GB30 Days*345*1003#
Telenor Packages logo4G 3 Month BundleRs. 1000/-12GB (4GB/Monthly)90 Days*345*2003#

Telenor Postpaid Internet Packages

In Telenor’s eyes, the postpaid user has equal values. For that, it also offers affordable Telenor internet Packages to its postpaid users. Unlike Prepaid users, Telenor does not offer daily & weekly internet bundles.

It offers only Monthly Internet packages to its Postpaid customers. Postpaid users can enjoy unlimited internet in just only Rs. 1000/-. Just dial *345*486# and enjoy a 1-month unlimited internet Subscription.

NetworkPackage NamePrice (Inc. Tax)VolumeDurationActivation Code
Telenor Packages logoInternet 100Rs. 100/-150MB1 Month*345*481#
Telenor Packages logoInternet 200Rs. 200/-300MB30 Days*345*482#
Telenor Packages logoInternet 350Rs. 350/-600MB1 Month Only*345*483#
Telenor Packages logoInternet 600Rs. 600/-4000MB30 Days*345*484#
Telenor Packages logoInternet 1000Rs. 1000/-Unlimited Internet30 Days*345*486#



So finally we take a look at what we have discovered in this regard. We have covered Telenor Internet packages in detail. First, we discussed the prepaid customers that Telenor offers a variety of packages to its prepaid customers. In contrast, postpaid customers have only one option, which is a monthly internet bundle.

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