5 Trending Women’s Footwear In Australia Today

The women’s footwear industry is one of the largest in Australia, grossing amounts equal to AUD 5722mn, and the market is projected to grow by 8.28% annually. About 63.3% of the sales account for mass-market brands. However, luxury and value-based brands are gaining footing in the market for their quality and premium shoes. While women’s shoes and boots dominate the sales, slippers, indoor footwear and women’s sneakers in Australia fall under the fastest-growing category. There are unlimited types of footwear for women, from simple beach sandals to trendy sneakers and stilettos. This article provides a detailed guide to all styles of footwear that women must have in their wardrobe to slay any look for any occasion.

1.    Flats and Sandals

Sandals with no heels and flat flip flops fall under some of the most comfortable footwear types. One can wear them anywhere and with anything, making them an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. It is a daily wear that comes in endless forms and varieties, including colourful tassels and pom-poms, which go with any outfit. They are the best options for casual and beachwear.

2.    Sneakers

Women’s sneakers in Australia are the definition of coolest footwear out there. They are sporty, trendy, easy-going and give an edgy look when paired with a cute dress, a pair of jeans, or plaid blazers. White sneakers have become increasingly popular in the past couple of years as they are incredibly versatile and comfortable. Top brands like Yeezy, Balenciaga, Nike to Puma and Converse there’s a pair of stylish sneakers for everyone. Therefore, a good pair of sneakers is a must-have for any woman. They also have features like being waterproof, long-lasting, slip-resistant, shock-absorbing, lightweight, flexible and resilient. It makes them the most desirable choice for any occasion, from office to sporting events and casual wear.

3.    Stilettos and Scarpins

Stilettos are classy and sophisticated shoes with long, thin and high heels that make a woman look taller, younger and more confident. They hold the title of being the ultimate fancy pair of shoes in any woman’s closet due to their elegant splendour. They are the perfect choice for a formal event, party, office or date. It is classic, modern and timeless in its appeal. Scarpins are similar to stilettos, but they have a thinner heel, giving the woman a sleeker and edgier look with any party wear. 

4.    Wedges

This footwear is a type of heel that has elevation at the shoe sole in the form of a ‘wedge’. Unlike stilettoes or other high-heeled shoes where the heels begin at the sole of the shoe, these heels begin from the toe and extend towards the heel, forming a wedge-like shape. They add height and are also comfortable for the wearer as they are relatively easier to walk in than stilettos. They have a cosmopolitan look, making them attractive and eye-catching. They look great with nearly any dress or a skirt. Wedges also add shape to heavy ankles, giving them a defined and thinner look.

5.    Boots

Boots always provide a classy look, especially with winter and autumn wear, as they cover the feet efficiently, preventing them from getting cold. But one doesn’t have to limit them to just winters and windy days. They are all about experimenting. Ankle boots and booties are the most popular boots that women can wear daily. Apart from this, classic mid-calf boots, knee boots, and thigh-high boots are a go-to for special occasions. Boots pair well with jeans, dresses, sweater dresses, leggings, and skirts to provide a super-stylish look. After women’s sneakers, boots are the next most comfortable shoes a woman can wear.

Author: Alison Lurie

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