6 Red Flags to Avoid When Looking at Homes in Scottsdale!

Looking for a home can be fun and exciting, and as such, many people tend to overlook important details that can warn them about the possible reasons against buying the house.

Here are 6 red flags to avoid when looking for homes in Scottsdale:

1)Terrible Conditions Neighborhood

Buying a home is as good as buying your neighborhood! Choosing the right neighborhood for yourself may be easy, but it is essential to determine the experience you will have in the area. Be sure to find a neighborhood suitable for you; you want a serene neighborhood that is safe, clean, and free from pollution. Look out for a high number of vacant houses and boarded-up properties.

2) Poor Drainage in and Outside the House

Do you notice some water pool in the yard yet it’s summertime? This could probably be a result of poor drainage. Although poor drainage is not always obvious to see, it should be a big red flag in your home search.

Other warning signs of poor drainage are a cracking foundation, water stains on the wall basement, and overflowing gutters.

If you live in a house that has been poorly designed or neglected, then you may have some trouble with water drainage. You will want a hydro jetting service to help clear the drains and make sure that all of the water is getting down the drain. This will prevent clogs and flooding, which can be dangerous for your home.

3)  Noticeable Foundation Problems

It is not easy to correct structural problems in a home as the foundation holds the house together, and altering it is risky. Major cracks are a big red flag that the home’s foundation is not okay. Small cracks are not a cause for concern. Another great way to identify a foundational problem is to look through door frames.

If the frames are not square or the door does not close easily, there could be some structural issues, and you need to investigate further. Most homeowners want their home to be just the right balance of beautiful and functional. If you’re thinking of adding cement board cladding to your home, here are some things to consider. Cement board is only used on exterior walls and is known for not being very durable. It can crack with age or even become brittle in colder weather. If you’re looking for something that will last, consider using brick or stone cladding.

4) Amateur Quality and Repairs

Your safety is paramount. You need to look out for projects around the house to see if they are professionally done. Do-it-yourself projects by the owners are not standard, and we are a danger to you and your family. Areas to look out for amateur quality include carpentry, electrical, and plumbing works.

5) Fresh Pleasant and Foul Odors

In your search for homes in Scottsdale, both foul and pleasant odors should be a red flag for you. Finding a foul smell in a house is a complete turnoff, but why should you be concerned over some nice smell? Well, a pleasant smell can be a mask intended to cover up a foul odor. Although this suspicion may be wrong, you need to be aware of it to pay keen attention to anything that might validate this concern.

During a cold winter season, open windows should also ring a bell as this is unusual. To clear your suspicions, make sure to ask the homeowner to explain to you anything that does not settle well with you.

6) Random Fresh Paint

While it is not uncommon for owners to paint their house to make it presentable before viewing, what rings a bell is finding a small part of the freshly painted house; this could signify that the owner is trying to cover up something they don’t want you to see.

When looking for a home in Scottsdale, it is essential to be on the lookout for red signs that the house might have some issues, as this will save you repair costs and shield you from the impending dangers of living in a faulty house.

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