A Complete List Of Ideas On Expanding Your Instagram Fans

Get Instagram Followers For Social Media Marketing

With every passing day, Instagram is becoming one of the best social media platforms for brands. This particular network is continuously offering new tools and ways to connect with the target audiences and improve the user experience as well. 

However, when you are on the platform and opting for Instagram marketing, things do not stay as simple as it actually looks. That is where the challenge lies. You must be aware of the bigger picture of Instagram.  

Here, you need to create content that is both engaging and visually appealing. Although the network might have a lot of similarities with other social media platforms, when it comes to marketing strategies, things vary a lot. 

Why You Should Go For Getting For Instagram Fans

When you are on Instagram and working on developing a loyal community for your business, you can not miss a single chance of interacting with more people and gathering as much feedback as you can on the account and also on the content pieces you are posting. 

This way, you will be able to understand what your audience is expecting from you. For marketing, it is mandatory to understand the requirements of your target audiences. People are willing to know every detail about your products and brand. 

From the manufacturing part to the packing and delivery. 


That is the reason why Instagram is offering you new tools and features. All of them are for delivering the content that audiences are willing to see. It doesn’t matter what you have posted in the past; it is more about what you promise your audiences. 

As we have mentioned earlier, widening your Instagram followers is actually offering you a great opportunity to reach almost all the audiences who might have an interest in your products and business.  

You can not forget that Instagram has a user base of over 1 billion. Among them, 80% of the followers follow at least one business account. It means they are actually interested in your business. You just need to give a push in order to reach them. 

A Complete List Of Ideas On Expanding Your Instagram Fans

Whether you are a newcomer in this photo-sharing social media platform or in that space for a considerable amount of time, you need to look after some particular things. Instagram is all about sharing visual content pieces and increasing the number of followers. 

It means you always work to expand your Instagram fans, which is not an easy task at all. 

Here is a complete list of Ways to improve IG reach curated for those who are planning on utilizing the potential of Instagram. 

#1 Conduct A Follower Photo Contest.

#2 Send Personalized Photos To Instagram Fans.

#3 Go For A Giveaway.

#4 Offer Discounts To Followers.

#5 Give A “Trip For A Day” Reward To A Follower.

#6 Followback For A Particular Period Of Time.

#7 Create A Video Thanking Your Followers.

#8 Follower Milestone.

#9 For A Particular Follower Craft A Personalized Reward.

#10 Develop An Instagram Photo Game.

#11 Give Incentive To Followers For Promoting Your Profile.

#12 Create tasks For Followers To Complete.

#13 Utilize The Most Engaging Hashtags Of Your Competitors.

#14 For Active Followers Create A “Find The Clue” Stories.

#15 Send “Secret” Photo To Your Followers.

#16 Start A “Live Video Followback” Stream.

#17 Start A Live Video Series.

#18 Start A Live Video Game.

#19 At A Follower Milestone Make A Site-wide Discount.

#20 For Followers Create A Design Contest.

#21 Connect With Influencers.

#22 Ask Your Followers For A Hashtag Suggestion.

#23 Try Secretly Implementing Internet Memes.

#24 Craft A Physical Instagram Follower Book.

#25 Live Video Q&A With The CEO.

#26 Create An Instagram Fan T-shirt Giveaway.

#27 Develop A Marketing Campaign Particularly For Instagram.

#28 To Boost Curiosity Put QRCodes Everywhere. 

Expand Your Instagram Fans

So, now, you get the major ideas that you can implement in order to attract more Instagram audiences. In case you want to know detailed information about these ideas, let us know. We will try to come up with a solution as soon as possible. 

Till then, All the best!

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