A comprehensive guide for artists to sell their creativity online

Many artists created pieces as a means to escape “The Real World.” They feel the freedom in their performance and develop a unique and mesmerizing piece of art with their talent. However, most artists sell their work to earn a living. People who are novices in art lack the business strategy on how to sell art online and make money. It is a complicated task for individuals who create beautiful pieces but lack the techniques of selling. It is beyond their comprehension to make money for their talent. However, if you understand the basics, you can enhance your talent and boost your sales with the help of appropriate marketing techniques.

Making a living through art

In the olden days, selling art required a prime venue such as a salon where artists exhibited their work. Gradually it changed to commercial galleries where most artists had the chance to showcase their talent. In the 21st century, the internet has made physical locations obsolete as sales get conducted online. However, with the advancement of technology, selling your product is as easy as eating pie. You must learn the right marketing strategies to get the best price for your creation. Freelance illustrators, artists, and photographers can rely on social media to sell their work in the digital era.

Analysis of the annual market report

It is easy to attract many customers by posting your work on different platforms, making buying and selling convenient.

• Studies have proved that a wide range of art sales come through orders on social media.

• The Internet has enhanced sales threefold in the past few years.

• Most of the art pieces are sold within the range of 50,000$

Irrespective of the spectacular opportunity to sell art pieces, many amateur artists lack the understanding of selling online. Despite having mesmerizing talents, they are aware of the strategies to make money online. In the absence of direct marketing strategies, the majority of young artists are interested in the venture. Therefore it is crucial to understand the basics of marketing and sales to sell your creation on various online platforms. Young artists must acknowledge this strategy to attract customers’ attention.

Here are a few techniques that amateur artists must keep in mind while selling their work over the web:

Understand your distinctive style

Selling art online requires a distinctive approach towards various art forms. Renowned artists have a specific style of creating mesmerizing artworks. However, most youngsters practicing art as a fresher are unaware of the different types and sometimes unsure which form to follow. They are creating pieces that do not suit actors who want to make a living as freelancers. Therefore it is essential to choose a particular form of illustration according to your passion and focus on it.

Establish an online store

The first and foremost thing that an artist must do is establish an online shop to sell their work. Amateur artists lack the resources to open a website to hire a designer. Under such circumstances, you can get hold of a tech-savvy friend to help you establish a platform for your art sales. Since it is expensive to purchase a domain and maintain its functioning, you can visit several websites already selling art pieces and have established their presence in the market. The next step is to upload your creativity in distinctive categories such as illustration lettering and the likes. Some artists also categorize their products under different sections that are accessories, posters, and home living.

Understand the target market

Another important aspect of selling your artwork online is to understand the target audience. If you have adequate knowledge about the ideal customer of your artwork, it will help you create your illustrations accordingly. Understanding the potential buyers help artists to develop designs according to their interest. Therefore you must speak with a deeper look to identify individuals or companies who are interested in your creation.

Rethink before fixing the price of your artwork

Selling your art pieces online requires adequate knowledge about the prices in the market and establishes trust among your customers. Irrespective of the budget of the potential buyers, the customer considers other factors before deciding to buy your product. After you have attained popularity as an artist, you can set higher prices for your work. But since the majority lacks knowledge of your skills as an artist, you must rethink your decision of setting prices.

Be aware of the competition

Competition is an integral part of every business. There are hundreds of established artists selling the product, making it competitive to sell your creation online. You will find many experienced artists promoting and selling the same art that you create so passionately. Therefore it is essential to identify direct and indirect competitors in the business.

Use eye-catching content to derive the attention of customers. Most buyers compare different pieces and evaluate the prices set by various artists before deciding to buy. Amateur artists can also learn the tactics from different art sellers in social media and other community forums, thereby earning your talent.

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