A Historical Guide To The Indian Head Buffalo Nickel

The Indian Head Buffalo Nickel is one of the most popular and valuable coins. Initially struck in 1913, this silver dollar is a favorite among collectors and historians. It is known for its beautiful artwork depicting the image of a Native American man wearing a feathered headdress. It also bears the words “Liberty.” But what’s the history of this coin? Keep reading to find out!

History Of The Indian Head Buffalo Nickel

It was designed by James Earle Fraser to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the nation’s first cent coin. Following its initial release, the nickel quickly became one of the most well-known coins in the United States.

The coin’s obverse depicts an image widely regarded as one of the most iconic in American history: a Native American man with a feather headdress. This image is commonly referred to as the Indian Head design. The reverse side of the coin depicts an American bison or buffalo. This design is known as “The Beast.”

More than a hundred years after its release, the Indian Head Buffalo Nickel continues to be extremely popular with collectors. Many people collect Indian Head Nickels simply for their beauty, but others are more interested in the history and significance of the coin itself. Coin collecting is a relatively new pastime for many people, and it can be challenging to get started.

The Indian Head Buffalo Nickel was in production for over 25 years, from 1913 to 1938. During that time, only ten mints were authorized to strike the coin: Denver, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Carson City, New Orleans, Chicago, West Point, Denver, and Minneapolis. The vast majority of these coins were made at the Philadelphia Mint.

Today, most Indian Head Buffalo Nickels minted before the 1930s are considered rare and extremely valuable. Most modern-day collectors prefer to buy “old-mint” specimens produced before the 1930s. These coins are often described as “Full Bell Lines” because their rims are perfectly round and not misshapen or flattened like some older coins. You can find old-mint Indian Head Buffalo Nickels at any coin shop or online site selling collectible coins.

If you want to add a rare and beautiful coin to your collection, don’t settle for anything less than an old-mint specimen of the Indian Head Buffalo Nickel.

Why Collect the Buffalo Nickel?

Many people are intimidated by spending large amounts of money on collectible coins when they don’t even know what they are buying. That shouldn’t be the case! It’s pretty easy to start coin collecting; the fun can be contagious once you start!


There are several good reasons why someone might want to start collecting coins. For many coin collectors, the historical significance of the coins draws them in. For others, it’s the beauty of the designs that attract them. Whatever the reason, getting started in coin collecting is easy and inexpensive. You can pick up a small collection of common coins at your local coin shop for less than $100, or you can choose to purchase coins that are a bit more rare or valuable if you are on a budget.

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