Advantages of buying HUAWEI gentle monster eyewear2

Hi, it’s time to take a look at the new smart glasses from huawei there are also multiple styles of the HUAWEI gentle monster eyewear2. Huawei has paired up with gentle monster to create these glasses gentle monster is an eyewear company really excited to check these out because there’s a speaker built in so you can listen to audio you can have conversations because there’s microphones also built in and a lot of other technology including gesture controls and more there’s also a new acoustic system to minimize audio leakage so when you are listening to audio people around you are going to be able to hear it.

 So I’m excited to test it out a lot more so the new smart glasses from huawei and take a quick look at what you get inside and then of course do some testing with these glasses. You’ve got that HUAWEI gentle monster eyewear2 partnership with this tech product.


Look at the overall style of the HUAWEI gentle monster eyewear2 I have to say pretty impressed with how slim and light these actually are considering how much tech is in them I kind of expected these sides to be a little bit more bulky but nice to see that they are not especially because on the sides they have a swipe a tap and a pinch sensor built into for some actual controls

We’ll test those out in just a second and looking on the inside of the lenses you’ll notice just a small logo on the left and right hand side also on the inside of the frame you’ll see gentle monster on the right and huawei on the left let’s get the glasses paired I’ve got my huawei mate 40 pro and to set it in pairing mode you pinch the left side of the glasses and within Bluetooth settings eyewear 2 is right there.

Settings Menu

When we jump into settings of HUAWEI gentle monster eyewear2 there’s a few options to change smart ware detection which will pause audio when you take them off there are shortcuts so when you double tap left arm you can have it play pause wake voice assistant double tap the right arm play pause wake voice assistant up to you swiping on the left can be volume or previous next and you can flip flop that on the right arm and then pressing and holding which can translate there is a find my glasses mode in case you lose them going into more settings wear detection audio broadcast greetings high quality recording dynamic call volume and then you can have updates.


you can kind of hear the music and it’s still fairly loud in your ears so I wouldn’t really crank it up much more than that when you do go up to 100 in a quiet room you can definitely hear it it’s still not crazy loud though and with that being said vocals are a little bit hard to understand even at that hundred percent level so if you’re on a phone call and then you have it you know 50 and below in a quiet room the other per anyone around you or next to you is not really going to be able to listen in on your conversation.

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