All Things Whisky That You Must Know

Whisky is one of the most preferred alcoholic beverages today. Originating in Scotland, this beverage is also popularly called Scotch Whisky, or just Scotch in many parts of the world. The term “Whisky” stands for “water of life”, and It is popular because of how individuals use whisky to make cocktails and other drinks. Many individuals prefer whisky over other alternatives like Rum and Vodka primarily because of its taste. Moreover, there are a plethora of whisky brands for individuals to choose from today, depending on their preferences. Thus, this article will focus on understanding the types and various brands available in the market.

Types of Whiskey

As mentioned, there are a plethora of whisky types. And individuals choose their pick based on their preferences. So, here are some of the widely observed types in today’s scenario:

i) Tennessee Whisky: Tennessee Whisky, as its name suggests, is produced in Tennessee. Many individuals also refer to these as “Bourbons”. It’s also called “Bourbon Whisky” in a plethora of legal agreements. Meanwhile, what’s unique about this kind of whisky is that professionals use a charcoal filtering technique to process this beverage. Freshly produced whisky gets filtered through charcoal stones and chips before they put it in barrels to let it age.

ii) Single Malt: Single malt whisky gets produced at a single distillery from a single batch of Scotch. It must also be matured in oak for three years before being bottled. The name “single malt” is derived from the ingredients since malted barley is the primary component. These regulations, however, do apply to distilleries in the United States. Besides, In America, single malt is occasionally produced using rye rather than barley.

iii) Blended Whisky: Blended whiskey is what its name implies: it’s a concoction of several varieties of whiskey, as well as colourings, tastes, and even other grains. These whiskies are great for cocktails since the procedure lets the flavour shine through while keeping the price of the spirit cheap.

Popular Brands

As observed, one can find a plethora of whisky types today. And while many categories exist, many whisky brands compete at the highest levels to deliver exquisite spirits to connoisseurs of these beverages. Meanwhile, each brand is known for its unique technique used and its taste. So, here are some widely known brands that have established their names in the industry today:

i) Johnie Walker: Johnie Walker is one of the most well-established brands in the industry. This brand provides exquisite scotch whiskies to its customers, and it has amassed a loyal customer base over the years due to the unique features of its drink. Many individuals today buy faulty whisky from fake brands pretending to be Johnie Walker and other known brands. And research provides techniques for individuals to differentiate between brands and adulterated drinks.

ii) Jack Daniels: When it comes to Tennessee Whisky, Jack Daniels is the go-to brand for its connoisseurs. This brand of Bourbon has made a name for itself in the industry to be the standard “gentleman’s drink”. However, with the advent of progressing times, everyone has started enjoying this drink for its exquisite taste. Many professionals today prefer drinking bourbons on the rocks due to the exquisite taste and aftereffects it has on them.

iii) Glenlivet: The Glenlivet is a widely known distillery. Connoisseurs of Whisky often travel long distances to enjoy the taste of a glass of single-malt whisky delivered by these professionals.

In conclusion, various whisky brands across the world adopt different techniques to produce drinks individuals enjoy today. In such instances, it becomes vital for those that enjoy these drinks to know their underlying differences. The method adopted, materials used, and the age difference between the drinks etc., play a critical factor in their prices. Thus, they’re preferred highly by individuals in today’s scenario.

Author: Alison Alurie

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