Back to the Basics: How Does Succession Planning Work?


In ancient, succession planning was done verbally, where the person knew what and how much was allocated to them. That’s why you read so many feuds for the property. 

Gone are those days because I am not here to teach about history. Let’s leave it for another day.  

Today, we focus on a piece of paper held in high regard. It decides how the succession plan goes. 

You guessed it right! We discuss succession planning and ways to create them.

Imagine a senior in your family who wants to transfer the property to you. They will create a legal paper for you. You will know the assets you will get after their demise and what they left behind for you.  

It is a modern and appropriate process of transferring assets. Let’s dig deep inside them. 

What Is A Succession Planning? 

Succession planning refers to the smooth transfer of assets and property to the rightful heir without any hassle or irregularities. It is a discreet strategy for transferring wealth to the next generation. 

Generally, the transfer of wealth is done by creating a will or private trust to help the next generation to enjoy the assets.  

Therefore, a plan is required to leave wealth to your sons and daughters after your demise. 

So, let’s know about – 

How To Plan Succession? 

For any parent, it is important to plan their succession wisely because when they leave for paradise, their children can reap the rewards of their struggle.

In that regards, we present you with a few recommendations – 

First Step: Make A Will 

If you are a senior family member and want to transfer your wealth to the person of your choice, you need to make a will. It is a legal complaint that ensures that the next generations can enjoy the wealth you left behind.  

Therefore, you can make the will per the Sharia law, as it is the Muslim process worldwide. Now, Dubai local courts have recognized non-muslims can register their will under state jurisdiction. 

This way, non-muslims can transfer their wealth to their kin. And if you want to know about succession planning laws, you can consult James Berry and Consultants. They have legal associates to help you with the process. 

Second Step: Add Nominees Against Your Wealth And Assets 

Adding nominees is one of the basic things that reduce the hassle of transferring wealth and private assets. 

Any seniors must add nominations against their prospects, as it will allow their children or wife to retrieve them. Otherwise, they will get very little amount. 

For this, you need to look for nominations laws in Dubai and how the state of UAE views the nomination process. 

The country has Commercial Company laws for foreign companies. Therefore, if you own a business in Dubai, you must follow the direction carefully. You can also hire a legal associate with the process. 

But always add nominations against any policy, insurance, and bank account so your family can move forward positively in your absence.   

Third Step: Create A Family Trust 

In modern times, most families look to develop trust to ensure their children’s health, education, and finances are taken care of.   

It is the process where property transfer is slow; children receive limited amounts throughout their lives. This way, they can meet all the financial challenges and live happily.   

The process guides a child like a parent would, always showing them their path to achieving something good. 

As your, the creator, the process frees them from the hassle of creating a will or nomination. They can generate trust and allocate the property easily. 

Likewise, most rich and elite families ensure that succession goes in the right direction. 

Fourth Step: Sorting Out 

Before you make a will or create a private trust, you must learn how to sort out the physical assets. It can include money, a house, or a business. 

One of the important facets of succession planning is the smooth transfer of wealth, as it removes unnecessary complications. 

As a senior, you must allocate each asset to the person of your choice. This will help your children and the legal associates to smoothen the transfer of assets among them. 

Therefore, sorting out is key to ensuring your children can access your property and wealth.  

Bottom Line 

In the end, you must hire a good legal associate to help you plan the procedure of the transfer of assets. They will inform about all the rules and regulations of inheritance law in Dubai. 

This you can strategize what assets you want to leave for your children after your journey to paradise.  

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