Biological Applications Of Modern Day Manufacturing

Manufacturing is the process through which raw materials are converted into final products. The manufacturing process is the backbone of the world’s economy. It is the very reason behind almost everything around us. The phone you are holding or the laptop you are reading this article on, all are products of manufacturing.

The manufacturing process is one that has shown unprecedented growth. It has been around for centuries and ages. In its early life, it was more labor-intensive and relied on physical labor. However, after the industrial revolution of 1760, manufacturing processes began to automize. More and more machines started to take part in the manufacturing process. This ultimately made the process much more efficient in both cost and time.

Applications In The Field Of Biological Sciences

The manufacturing process is applied in just about every field and industry that exists. Even items as small as toothpicks and hairpins go through a manufacturing process. Thus, it is fair to say that the manufacturing process has stemmed into all fields and industries.

The field of biology especially is one is highly impacted by the manufacturing process. In this article, we will be discussing some of its most common and important applications in biology.


It would be obvious that one of the most important applications of manufacturing in biology is medicine. Thanks to the efficiency of the modern-day manufacturing process, firms can produce medicine in quantities never thought of before. The impact of this on modern-day healthcare can not be ignored at all. In fact, it has led to tremendous growth opportunities in the pharmaceutical business development sector, with many firms focusing on developing and manufacturing new drugs to meet the growing demand.

It also allows the medicine to be manufactured with precision. By using machinery and Artificial Intelligence, precise quantities of ingredients and chemicals can be mixed to make medicine. This has limited the waste of precious chemicals that are now used for further production. Thus, saving pharmaceutical companies millions of dollars in what would be potentially wasted.

Even medicine packaging and storing are highly influenced by this process. A lot of medicine needs to be stored at certain temperatures and in special containers as well. For this reason, the packaging is made with a large plastic mold. This helps safely store medicine and protect it from contamination as well.

Vaccinations are also a very important product to mention. With the advent of the COVID-19 Virus, we have seen how necessary they are. In the field of biology, they are mass manufactured by a process called biomanufacturing. This process uses biological systems to produce products with the help of biomolecules and biomaterials. As a result, vaccines and other similar products can be developed and subsequently manufactured on large scale by pharmaceutical companies. This has helped millions of people in the past and continues to do so right now as well.

Precision And Accuracy

Humans are very complex organisms when it comes to their structures. They are made with the tiniest of substances and the thinnest of nerves. Thus, when an artificial product is added to the body it needs to be 100% accurate. This is where modern-day molding processes come in. By using Seaskymedical micro injection molding products can be made to the highest accuracy and thinnest of precision. This had led to wonders in the medical field.

Surgical aid tools and products also help doctors operate with the confidence that their tools and instruments are going to be as accurate as they can be. These tools and instruments are also a direct product of the modern-day manufacturing process.


Biotechnology is a subdivision of biology that uses biological organisms to make products. These products may be for commercial use or may not be. A prime example of such products is yeast. Yeast is a microscopic fungus. However, it is widely used in baking purposes and the food industry. Fertilizers, GMOs used for food, biodegradable plastic, and many more are examples of biotechnology’s applications.

The manufacturing process is then used to create these products on a large scale to help better the living conditions and standards of all people across the world.


The manufacturing process is one of the most important factors when it comes to the success and progress of mankind. It has enabled us to go above and beyond our expectations. It is expected to do so in the future as well.

While we all think of the manufacturing process with a solely profit aspect, it has other aspects too. For example, it creates jobs such as vacuum contactors which no one would have considered before. The biological applications of the manufacturing process also show a very clear message. And that is one of prosperity and progress, it helps us not only progress economically but in other aspects such as health as well.

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