Choosing the Best Dog Breeds for the Family

Dogs as adorable pets are considered part of the family by so many. And this makes making the right choice of breed to raise as a pet a critical decision. The attributes, features, and quality desired must be considered to choose from these varieties of canines as a pet for a family. 

Dogs are known to be human’s friends, but before selecting the species for the family, there are some things that the family must take into consideration or you can check Breed Expert.

While canines have different attributes, having a good understanding of the other traits will guide you in making an informed decision about the right pet to train. You can check this holistapet dogs list if you want expert suggestions on the best pet for the home.

The step towards bThe name, the cost of raising the canine, and the type of food that would be best for the kind of breed need to be considered. And if you need supplements for your dog, you have to check out Bernies. Also, the type of your apartment and will you be comfortable seeing canines around your apartment?  

Being able to answer all these questions means you are ready to get a puppy. Having replied to the questions below, you will find the attributes to look out for when choosing a pup to raise for the family.

Attributes to Look Out for When Choosing Dogs to Breed

When in the market for a dog, there are essential features you want to look out for. This ensures you don’t end up with the right one for you and the household. 


The type of dog breed suitable for families may vary depending on the quality and attribute desired by the family. Hound breeds are excellent for hunting due to their sharp sense of smell, swiftness, intelligence, and physique. 

However, they may not be a good option for a family looking for a pup that plays with kids. Terriers are good domestic pups that were developed initially to chase rodents and small creatures in the garden.


Breeds, such as Rottweiler, Great Dane, and some other canines, are kept by some families to defend them against an intruder or to protect them in a time of danger. A well-trained security dog will swing into action if it feels that any family member is threatened in one way or the other.

Although care must be taken when keeping security hounds because of their low sense of judgment. There are more suggestions here on the best canines to employ in your security.


Although canine breed requires excellent care from their owner, some species cannot be kept on a low budget because they need medical attention regularly, and the cost of getting their food is very high.

So when deciding on the pups that are best for the family, one must include the pup’s upkeep in the family budget and opt for the species that suit the budget. Keeping this information in mind, the following are the best dog varieties for the family based on their attributes and qualities.

Dog Breeds that are Good as Pet

Below are some of the best canine breeds safe for home and families looking for a new furry companion. 


This highly energetic dog requires attention and love. Still, they are an excellent companion to all the household members and feel comfortable around kids. They don’t pose any danger to the visitor if they don’t feel threatened and are known to be loyal and vibrant. They are also suitable for hunting.


When it comes to protection and patience around kids, the boxer is one of the best breeds to consider. This ugly-looking group does not hesitate to attack when one of the household members is threatened.


They are the type of that you won’t hesitate to take out for a walk because of their closeness to the household, although they want to be loved and devotion, if you are the type that likes dog chasing rodent and small creatures in your garden, your best bet is a terrier.


This scary-looking breed, which is also one of the calmest dog breeds, is known to grow fast and add weight quickly. Therefore, one must adhere strictly to their diet. But bulldogs are also an excellent companion to the family, but care must be taken when handling them because they can be dangerous around visitors.

Eskimo Dog

Being good-looking and intelligent makes the dog an excellent breed to raise at home. Eskimos are neither scary nor shy, but they are picky when it comes to choosing friends. The link here  has more on canine pets that are intelligent and good for the home.

Cocker Spaniel

These big-eyed dogs are a good companion for kids, and you won regret taking this lively hound out for a walk. It is one of the most popular canines that are kept as a pet because it doesn’t feel uncomfortable around people.

Bichon Frise

This peppy, playful, and curious puppy is a good choice because it is fantastic with children and other pets; it is also agreeable to training and doesn’t disturb too much with barking. 

Final Note

Many canine breeds are good to keep a pet at home, but before choosing any to breed, the qualities, function, and attributes desired must be clear. For example, although canines are known to be loyal and friendly to humans, especially kids, if care is not taken in choosing the right breed for the family as a pet, the opposite might be the case.

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