Debunking the Most Common Personal Injury Law Myths That Exist Today

When injured due to another person’s negligence, the first instinct is to seek help on the internet. You want to get ideas on how to handle the personal injury case. However, be wary of the advice you follow as there are many personal injury law myths on the internet.

Some of these myths recommend taking outrageous actions that hurt your claim. Others only waste your time, thereby prolonging the process. So, it’s wise you educate yourself on these myths to debunk them.

Keep reading this blog as it debunks the most common personal injury law myths that exist today.

Only Hire a Personal Injury Attorney for Major Injuries

When you suffer minor injuries, your friends or relatives may advise you against hiring a lawyer. They argue that you can handle the claim process yourself. However, this is untrue as you need an attorney for both minor and major injuries.

The personal injury lawyer will help you calculate the value of your claims. Besides, the attorney will show you the right legal channels to ensure you receive compensation soon.

So, look for resources like a reputable website that help you find a great personal injury attorney. Therefore, on this site, you’ll learn the key qualifications to check when looking for a lawyer.

The Liable Party Will Compensate Automatically Compensate You

When injured, the liable party may approach you and request you settle the matter without involving a lawyer. However, know that this is a trick designed to reduce the compensation they pay you. The liable party understands that you’re unaware of all the damages you suffered and will use this to their advantage.

So, it’s wise to consult a local lawyer before starting any negotiations with the liable party. The attorney will help you understand different types of damages. Besides, this lawyer will help you calculate the monetary value of damages such as emotional distress.

The Personal Injury Lawyer Will Take Up Most of Your Settlement

The insurance companies paint personal injury lawyers as vampires who’re after only your money. These companies will claim that the attorney will take up most of the compensation money, and you’re left with nothing. The ploy is to discourage you from hiring an attorney and handling the claim yourself.

All these things are untrue as there’s a limit on the maximum amount a lawyer can take from your settlement. Besides, most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis. So, they’re highly motivated to fight for a high settlement amount as they’ll want to get more money.

There Is No Deadline for Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Most people assume that they can file a personal injury claim anytime they want, so no need to rush. These people are wrong as there’s a deadline on when you can file this claim. So, your claim is avoidable if you file it past this deadline.

Get a Reasonable Compensation by Debunking Personal Injury Law Myths

To get reasonable compensation, you need to understand how the personal injury law works. You want to know the myths and mistakes to avoid. Besides, you want to understand the roles of a personal injury attorney like the professionals at Weston Law Minneapolis.

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