Essential Records You Must Obtain for a Truck Accident Claim

Truck accidents are not like car accidents. They are severe and cause serious injuries and damage. That means more medical expenses, repairs, and damages because of the weight and size of the trucks. However, that does not mean you cannot seek compensation. After a truck accident, you will need to speak to a truck accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN, to help you file a case or lawsuit against the parties involved. Part of pursuing compensation is gathering the right records to prove fault and negligence. The following are vital records you must produce in a truck accident claim in Indiana.

  1. Medical Records

It is vital to seek medical attention immediately after the accident. Because of the size of the truck, you may suffer severe injuries. You need to gather medical records when seeking compensation for the damages. The documents will state the injuries you incurred and their extent. They will also detail the treatment you received, the time, and what you need to continue recovering. The records will help you obtain compensation for past and future treatments and medical equipment.

  • Police Report

After the collision, it is advisable to call 911 if you are in a position to do so to ensure you receive first aid before going to the hospital. You must also call the police to evaluate the accident and open an investigation. You will need to record a statement with the police and ensure you give the personal details of the truck driver, vehicle details, and insurance policies. The report will also include the witnesses who were at the scene. You will also record the injuries and damages you have incurred. Another thing you need is evidence of the crash. Make sure you have documented the accident by taking pictures and videos of the accident.

  • Truck Black Box Data

Most trucks have a black box containing details of the maintenance, performance, and driver’s behavior. The black box will also let you know what happened at the time of the accident. The driver may refuse to give the box or even throw it away to hide the evidence. Taking a Joshua’s Law online course can be a great step towards ensuring this knowledge. So, understand that it may not be easy to get it. However, an attorney will help you get it quickly.

  • Truck’s Maintenance Records

All trucks must be properly maintained to detect any issues and ensure they are in good condition before operating on roads. Therefore, you need to obtain the records to prove that the truck was not well-maintained per the requirements. If the truck that caused the accident was not properly maintained according to the documents, you could hold that as the ground for getting compensation. However, like the black box, obtaining maintenance records on your own will not be easy. Therefore, you will need an attorney with knowledge and power to obtain such records. The records will increase the chances of getting a successful claim and compensation for the injuries and damages from the truck accident.

Closing Statement

Obtaining these records after a truck accident is not easy. Hence, you need a lawyer’s influence to get them and ensure you have enough evidence to back your claim. Ensure you contact the lawyer immediately after the accident to increase your chances of getting compensation.

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