Grow Your E-commerce Business & Start Selling to Italians

Are you contemplating opening up an e-commerce venture and starting to sell to Italy? Are you not sure how things will end up? Confused about the exact procedure of applying for a VAT number Italy? Well, if yes, just relax because we are here to help you in coming out of this dilemma and provide you with the necessary guidelines so that you can jazz up your business growth.

You will be surprised to know that the e-commerce market in Italy is flourishing with each passing day. And, guess what? Even the COVID-19 lashes couldn’t wipe out the booming online marketing and selling business in Italy into nothingness. You are undoubtedly on the right track to think of starting and expand your e-commerce business by selling profitable and demanding items to the Italians.

Let’s have a deeper look at how the e-commerce industry is booming at present and how you can start trading with the Italians. Just sit back and keep reading!

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Why Should You Engage In Selling Online To The Markets In Italy?

Here, we have curated the top reasons that will motivate you to indulge in e-commerce business with the Italian market. Hop on to read these!

  • Italian e-commerce market is less competitive as compared to that of Germany and the UK. With 70% of online sales being generated from 20% of online stores and with less competition, you will be able to stand out in the market from others easily. Thus, gaining profits will also be easier for you.
  • Italians are keen on purchasing items from the e-commerce sellers of other countries because of the unavailability of certain products in their local markets. Moreover, inflation in the figure of online shoppers is also increasing by leaps and bounds. Do you know that about 24 million people shop online in Italy? No wonder, this industry is going to expand furthermore in the coming days.
  • The demand for e-commerce has grown so much that the Italian brands are not enough to cater to the demand of the consumers. As a result, they are always attracted to purchasing high-demand products from other countries to take the e-commerce game to the next level.
  • Italy is the second largest e-commerce market in the southern part of Europe with a turnover of 31.5 billion euros as of 2019. Imagine, with the right approach and strategy, how profitable your venture is going to be!

What Kind of Products Do the Italian Online Buyers Are In Need Of?

Let’s now see what products the Italian online purchasers are in the most need of!

  • Automobile Parts & Accessories
  • Apparels, Shoes, & Accessories
  • Home & Gardening Items
  • Electrical gadgets such as Computers, Smartphones, Tablets, and Networking Devices.
  • Health, Fitness & Beauty Items
  • Sports Items
  • DIY stuff
  • Consumer Electronics

Applying For a Vat Number Italy

If you wish to sell items in Italy, you need to pay VAT or Value Added Tax. You can complete the VAT registration process without paying any fees. After your business has been VAT registered in Italy, quite a number of returns have to be filed. You can pay the remaining VAT liability by choosing either of the options- quarterly or monthly.

After the process of applying for a VAT number Italy is done, you need to remember the exact date of filing the returns. The yearly VAT return has to be done either on or before 30th April and the quarterly VAT liquidation falls on or before 31st May, 18th September, 30th November, and 28th February.

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Final Words

Now that you have armed yourself with the necessary information to start your e-commerce business by selling products in Italy and by applying for a Vat number Italy, get ready to expand your venture and receive profits steadily. So, for what are you delaying now? Gear up to bring in financial abundance for yourself. All the best!

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