Heated Towel Rails are a Must-Have in Your Bathroom

Waking up in winter mornings can be a struggle for some people, and washing their faces and taking a shower is already a chore. Having a frozen and stiff towel hanging by the side of your sink or shower stall can be annoying because all you want to do is to dry yourself as quickly as possible.

It’s why people are starting to realize the importance of having heated towel rails in their bathrooms, especially during the winter season. Such rails have risen in popularity in many countries, such as Australia and New Zealand. This is because so many people have seen the benefits it can bring to their lives, and that is why they have included it in their bathrooms.

Here are some of the known reasons why many people are installing them in their homes.

  • Prevents mold from living in the bathroom

The cool and chilly temperatures brought by the winter season and the moisture brought by the bathrooms create a perfect place for mold to grow and foster. It can be very annoying to see mold clinging to your bathroom linens, such as towels and rugs. The smell they also bring can make someone’s head ache and even cause breathing problems to some with weaker lungs.

Installing heated towel rails will help you get rid of mold because of the heat it brings to your towels. So even though the entire bathroom can feel icy cold, mold will never cling to your towels anymore because it does not have any moisture at all.

  • They keep your towels warm, fresh, and dry

It can be very icky to step on a soaking wet and soggy bath mat after a bath or grab a musty towel to wipe yourself dry after you wash your hair or face. With these special towel rails, you can enjoy using fresh, dry, and warm towels without any hassles at all.

It also makes the life of your used towels much longer since they can get musty with frequent use and improper handling. With your new towel rails, it will allow you to let them dry properly after every use. Thus, no musty smell would linger in your towels.

  • It saves more energy than anything else

Most houses rely on their heaters or clothes dryers to dry their musty towels before hanging them back up in their bathroom. While these are effective, they are more energy-hungry than anything else.

Suppose you want to save on energy without having to use musty towels over and over again. In that case, you can anticipate that these towel rails provide you with the same performance quality for a fraction of the actual cost.

Towel rails like this can also have a timer installed to be turned off after use. Even so, it is not a bad idea to keep them on all day. Turning them off every now and then saves you electricity little by little.

  • They have stunning designs

Lastly, you will not find these towel rails as eyesores when you install them in your bathroom. They are surely going to fit with your bathroom design aesthetic, whatever design you have at home.

All of these bathroom rails have a sleek, modern design, so they will fit in your bathroom without overhauling the whole design of your bathroom.

Author: Alison Lurie

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