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In 2020, South Australia recorded 8.4% of the total deaths within all of Australia. Adelaide, being the largest city in the territory, recorded the highest number of them.

However, when compared to the rest of the country, it is a significantly low number. This is because of the incredible efficiency of a home doctor in Adelaide. Read ahead to find out more about home visiting general practitioners within Adelaide.

What Is Home Doctor Service?

Typically, when a person is extremely sick in the middle of the night, the first instinct is to call an ambulance or the family doctor. The probability of a hospital visit follows this.

However, these are not always options, hence the concept of a house or home doctor visit. The service of house doctors is not new. The concept goes back to the early 1900s when most medical consultations were conducted at a patient’s house.

People were egged on to go to the hospital as current technology gave rise to more complex machines and gadgets that could be used for proper patient assessment and diagnosis. However, these machines were only available to be used within hospitals. This led to the decline in demand for home doctor services.

With home doctor visits, patients who need medical assistance but do not require it immediately can call a hotline, and a home doctor will visit them. Further, they will provide diagnosis and medication to improve their immediate condition.

How to Access a Home Doctor

Most home doctor services provide a phone number, an internet app, or a website where individuals can request assistance.

These businesses employ medically trained call operators who answer the phone and dispatch the next available doctor to the site where help is needed. The appointed house doctor then assesses patients at home and sends a report to the family doctor detailing what occurred during the session.

Services Provided by Home Doctors

All home doctor services include a roster of medical personnel who are all licensed medical practitioners and specialists who can handle any medical emergencies.

  • They have the resources and equipment needed to analyse and diagnose relatively simple medical problems and offer relief when warranted.
  • Home doctors also have a variety of first-aid drugs and common pharmacological prescriptions available.
  • ●      Because they are travelling doctors, and some patients may have more urgent needs, phone operators and doctors both recommend allowing a 2-hour window from the time someone calls for their assistance — for the doctor to come.
  • They may also prescribe extra medication to help deal with the diagnosed condition.

Emergency Precautions

If a person’s or a family member’s symptoms worsen during the waiting period, they should exercise caution and not wait for the home doctor. They are encouraged to seek immediate medical help at the nearest healthcare facility.

The Home doctor service would be more than willing to cancel the appointment and assist in any way possible.

Wrapping Up

The provisions for a home doctor in Adelaide are an excellent way to keep hospitals clutter-free. Moreover, those with minor communicable diseases can avoid the general public hence keeping people protected. It also makes sure that those who employ the services are provided excellent care for their ailments. The patients can get expert medical treatment in the comforts of their own homes. This helps them relax and get well faster.

Author: Alison Lurie

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