How an at Home Paternity Test Works

It is easy for a man to discover whether the child they have with their significant other is their biological child. Home DNA testing kits allow parents to collect samples discreetly to confirm the fatherhood of a child. Most labs with a home testing kit offer privacy and confidentiality and ensure only the person who ordered the test receives the results.

Home test kits are not admissible in court, but they are 99.9% accurate and trustworthy. Most parents who collect specimens at home for DNA tests do it for peace of mind. Here’s how the whole process works.

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Place an Order

The first step is finding a lab that does DNA tests near you and has a home kit for sample collection. Place an order and fill out your delivery information. The kit comes in a plain envelope with no markers showing who sent the envelope. You will receive the testing tools the same day or the following day after completing your order.

Collect the Samples

Collecting samples from the two individuals is a vital step in paternity testing. It’s essential to exercise care during the process to avoid contaminating anything. The collection kit includes two self-adhesive envelopes, two packages with four cotton-tips swabs, and a name label.

Start taking specimens from one person, then seal the envelope before moving to the second individual. Prepare to stay in one place for about 10-15 minutes when collecting samples. Here are the steps for collecting samples.

  • Confirm the contents of the envelope to ensure you have everything you need.
  • Take a swab and remove the wrapper without touching the cotton tip on placing it on any surface.
  • Rub the swab inside the bottom-left side of the cheek for 10 seconds as if you are brushing your teeth.
  • Remove the swab and hold it up for about one minute until dry.
  • Please place it in the self-adhesive envelop cotton tip first.
  • Repeat the cheek’s left-top, right-bottom, and right-top insides.
  • Write the sample owner’s name on the white label and seal the envelope.

Repeat the whole process to the second individual and send the samples back to the paternity testing company for analysis. Use the prepaid shipping envelope provided to send the samples. Don’t eat, drink anything, or brush your teeth 30 minutes before taking the samples.

DNA Paternity Testing

DNA testing takes about 3-5 days for analysis. Labs test 21 markers when checking whether the two specimens sent are related. The time it takes for the testing process ensures that there are no mistakes when a parent receives their results. Kindly note that any sealed envelope with more than four cotton-tipped swabs won’t undergo testing because of contamination.

Final Test Results

Clients are notified of the results as soon as they are available from the lab. Clients can choose to receive results via email or envelope. Results are explained to ensure clients understand the results from the specimens sent for testing. Overall, the whole process is simple, discreet, and effective.

Find the Best Home Paternity Test

Many companies offer home paternity testing kits, but only a few of them are accredited institutions with world-class labs. You can find out more info on DNA  testing kits and decide which equipment to use.

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