How Free Standing Tubs Can Help You Improve Your Health

Did you know there’s a difference between taking a bath and showering? Well, a big aspect is that baths are more relaxing. According to a study, people who take regular baths are less depressed and have lower stress levels than those who only shower.

Moreover, nothing beats the relaxation of soaking in a freestanding tub. Better yet, if you have a spa-like modern bathroom at your home’s comfort, it will enhance your relaxation while bathing.

So, if you are looking for health reasons to add such a tub in your bathroom, read on.

About Freestanding Bathtubs

Also called a stand-alone tub, it’s a bathtub unattached to walls. A freestanding soaking tub has all finished sides.

Moreover, the placement of a stand-alone tub is flexible. So, you can place it on the walls or in an open area in the middle of your bathroom. Ideally, the location can depend on the exciting features of your home, such as a fireplace or the view outside a window.

Another aspect that will dictate the location is accessible to plumbing. The plumbing for a freestanding bathroom tub penetrates through the floor, unlike the wall for the fixed tubs. Most importantly, freestanding tubs are only meant for baths!

How Can Freestanding Tubs Improve Your Health?

After a long tiring day, soaking in your stand-alone tub may be the ideal therapy to help you relax and escape. Better still, aside from helping you relax, a freestanding tub with a shower also has several health benefits.

  • Relieves Back Pain

Taking a bath is a type of luxurious self-indulgence experience. However, hot baths also have several medical benefits. Baths can be amazingly helpful for people with back pain.

Lower back pain is inevitable for people who lift and carry heavy luggage. And with the excruciating back pain, the thought of lowering yourself to submerge into a hot bath might seem like a bad idea.

But, fear not! At the right temperature, taking a hot bath is similar to placing a hot water bottle or pack on your back to find relief by targeting the pain’s source. 

Back pain occurs when there’s an injury on the nerve, vertebral bone, or disc. When the injury occurs, the muscle around the area contracts and encloses to avoid further damage. The contraction of the muscle is also called a muscle spasm.

While the spasm is a good thing to prevent more damage to the injured tissue, it hurts. So, when you stand or do tedious work for long, the muscle tenses and produces painful symptoms. Fortunately, a hot bath in your freestanding tub will take that pain away.

Moreover, bathing in a large freestanding rectangular tub will allow you to stretch out and soak in the relaxing treatment because of its spacious nature. Aside from combining the hot bath with a massage, using Epsom salt will help reduce the pain and inflammation.

  • Better Night Sleep

What is the next step after a hot and relaxing bath in your modern freestanding tub? To sleep, of course!

Naturally, taking a hot bath before bedtime is the best plan for a good night’s rest. But, there’s a catch. Not every hot bath will lead to a deep and sound night’s sleep. What matters is the bathwater temperature and the addition of lavender essential oils will help! 

When we say taking a ‘hot bath,’ it doesn’t mean you go immersing yourself in boiling water! Instead, make sure the water is adequately warm. This is because it can ease you out and push out the toxins from your body.

Normally, the body temperature lowers in the middle of the night. So, it would be best to soak in a warm bath like an hour before bed. This will offset your internal clock and improve your sleep.

  • Endure Winter Cold Symptoms

During winter, viruses attack almost everyone in the country, either at home or in the workplace. Among the many health benefits of a freestanding bathtub is the steam of the hot bath. The steam will combat the nasty cold viruses to prevent any further symptoms.

Normally, your head feels heavier when you are down with a cold. The heaviness and tension on your head are mostly blocked or congested nasal canals. So, when you have difficulty breathing, sleeping, or even eating, soaking in a hot bath is ideal. The steam will enter your nasal passage to relieve and shrink inflamed membranes and loosen congestion.

Still, the increased body temperature in the stand-alone tub revives your immune system. This aids in putting you back into your healthy and fit self.

Preferably, you can add cold-relieving essential oils in the hot bath for purposes of great relief. Well, essential oils will also relax your mind and soul aside from relieving the cold symptoms.

  • Enhance Blood Circulation

Do you often suffer from numbness or cold limbs? Sometimes, this situation is worrying, especially if your entire body is warm. Such symptoms are a result of poor blood circulation.

Nonetheless, a simple but effective way to improve poor blood circulation is having a nice hot bath. Preferably, relax in the hot bath for about 10 to 20 minutes. The heated water will cause the blood vessels to dilate hence improving blood flow, stimulating sweating, and using insulin better.

  • Improves the Mood

Soaking in warm water is a great feeling. Better still, this sensation happens to have more power on you than you would imagine.

According to a psychologist’s report, taking frequent baths will reduce the feelings of pessimism and depression. This is because bathing allows you to enjoy an experience of calmness, comfort, and isolation. Yes, sometimes it’s good to be alone.

Another health expert states that immersing yourself in warm water gives us comforting thoughts like being in the womb. Generally, bathing in a freestanding tub prompts feelings of comfort and relief. With that kind of security, your mind and body will have no choice but to relax.

Take Away

What is it that makes you extremely happy? Something you can’t imagine your life without? Indeed, there’s nothing as pleasurable as finding out something is good for your wellbeing. 

Once you find something you enjoy doing, it becomes hard to quit. A long and hot bath is among the pleasurable and irresistible things in life.

And because we are living in the era of focusing on self-care, long soaks in a freestanding tub have never been more popular and recommended —and all for positive effects on health. Indeed, long and tiring days have nothing on you anymore!

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