How to Choose a Smartphone in 2021

Buying a smartphone is not easy. Of course, if you need it only for reading news or texting your friends, you can choose the cheapest device. But it gets harder if you want a phone which will let you play high-quality games, watch football games on, or  take detailed photos. Pay attention to these criteria to find the right device.

Properly Estimate the Size 

In the last couple of years, smartphones with large screens have become almost the leader on store shelves, so if you are planning to upgrade your model, think about increasing your pockets as well. Carrying expensive and fragile electronics in a bag or backpack is dangerous and uncomfortable, but it’s not so easy to place a phone with a diagonal of up to 7 inches in your jeans pocket. If you like to keep your device close to your body, look for a compact solution. Then you won’t have to nervously open your bag with every incoming notification.

Don’t Give Priority to Gadgets With a Large Battery

Many still believe that a large battery is a guarantee of autonomy, which gave birth to hundreds of phones with batteries of 8-10 thousand mAh, which creakily “survive” until evening. Keep in mind that, besides battery capacity, the cycle time will be affected by the power and demand of the iron, software optimization, the brightness level of the display, the complexity of the tasks at hand, and much more. A striking example are smartphones from Apple and Samsung’s flagship models. They demonstrate almost minimal battery capacity values among modern devices, but work long enough.

Fast charging technology has made great strides – it only takes half an hour to charge your current smartphone at least halfway, so you’ll never be out of touch.

Don’t Buy a Smartphone Based on Advice From Bloggers and Experts

You probably have a technoblogger that you trust more than anyone else. But your expectations of the device, your design preferences, and even your budget may differ significantly. So if your favorite claims to have found your “dream gadget,” that’s not a signal to buy. Create your checklist and follow it to weed out the rest. You should be guided only by your own desires without fear of being criticized – if, say, you don’t need an advanced camera or surround sound, no one will judge you for it.

Don’t Chase Performance

Fresh and uncompromising hardware is designed to surprise customers in performance tests and allow geeks to choose the most innovative and powerful components. But ordinary users will only suffer from such a purchase. Excessive heating of the chip and incredible power consumption in simple tasks is not a complete list of possible problems with new, untested processors.

If you are looking for power and drive, wait at least 2-3 months to make sure that the development is really worthy of your attention and money.

Don’t Choose Outdated Models

If between a modern mid-budget model and an outdated flagship you choose the latter, you will doom yourself to a lot of tests:

  • Lack of software updates;
  • Loss of manufacturer support;
  • Inability to personally test the latest chips and developments.

You will be able to comfortably use your purchase for a while, but every day there will be new devices and new features that will set your smartphone far back. At the same time, the device will please you with its power for many years to come, so for conservatives the old flagship will be a good solution, but fans of innovation will definitely be disappointed.

Never Be Guided Only by the Freshness of the Device

The desire to have the best is normal, but do not forget about the consequences of such a step. If you are not strapped for cash, you still should not stop at the newest and most powerful model. In this case you can expect:

  • Limitations in options, for example, reduced functionality of the camera again due to the shortcomings of the software;
  • Unpleasant surprises in the form of overheating of the ultra-powerful processor due to unstable optimization.

The top hardware is usually the most voracious, so if you are not a gamer, look at the “middles”, they hold a better charge, and in speed is not much inferior to the flagship.

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