How To Concentrate Better During Remote Studying

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When the exam season is upon us, we are always panicking and making notes like mad people.

Staying up all night, drunk on caffeine, and reading that same line over and over again. So, did we ever think, why do we do that?

When we can simply plan our day and progress with our studies.

Preferably every day!

For that, you will need a plan. However, this plan becomes even more difficult when you are studying remotely. When you either have your schools or university closed because of the pandemic, or you are simply homeschooled for the session.

You are sitting in the same place for hours on end, and there is nothing new. The monotony can lead to concentration issues, and boredom can cut down on productivity.

If you are also facing difficulty in concentrating, then you have reached the right place. In this excerpt below, we will be giving you a plan which will help you concentrate better during your remote studying sessions.

Remote Studying Made Easy

Here are some of the ways you can make your study sessions better.

1. Redecorate The Space

If you are bored out of your wit’s end, sitting in the same place and studying for hours? Maybe you need a change of scenery. Yes, we know that not everyone can have the luxury of changing location all the time.

So, why not redecorate the space?

You will get that touch of newness in the area and can surely decorate it with items that will excite you to sit and study. But, ensure that they are not something too distracting. Plus, do not keep electronics like cell phones or other procrastinating items distracting you. You can download software for the purpose of complicated scheduling and organization to make it simple. Download it for free from RarBG.

2. Study Outdoors

Nature surely makes you more conscious and helps you concentrate better. Plus, there are fewer distracting things to allow your procrastination. If the weather allows, why not set up a study station outdoors, at least for a few hours.

This will give you the change you are looking for, plus the fresh air and subtle sunshine will help you to clarify your mind. 

3. Have A Routine

You can never factor studying into your life; if you do not secure a time for your lessons, then you will never find the time. This is the reality of taking a higher degree, such as an online MBA, despite its flexibility. Whether it is early in the morning or late at night, having a routine is a must-have.

For example, you are waking up in the morning. As long as you haven’t scheduled your breakfast and shower, you can never mentally prepare yourself to sit for your studies. We are not asking you to have an intricate routine where you write down everything you do. But, just the important ones.

4. Do Not Take Frequent Breaks

Yes, we all know that breaks are an important part of any work. However, if you give yourself breaks as a reward, you will not be able to concentrate on your work. Therefore, you must take breaks at the correct time, i.e., when you are exhausted and need a break.

This will also prevent you from breaking the flow just because there is a break scheduled.

5. Stay Hydrated

Your hydration will ensure your energy level. When your body is dry and dehydrated, and low in electrolytes, you will feel more sleepy and drowsy. When you are studying, you keep a bottle of water with you.

In this way, you do not have to get up every time you are thirsty.

6. Have Whole Foods

Yes, try to have as many whole foods as you can. Have more fruits and nuts; not only are they conducive to giving you more energy, but you are likely to be hungry from all the brain work.

These are excellent choices to munch on rather than chewing on some junk.

7. Have Tea, Not Coffee

Yes, we know that you need caffeine to take the edge off. Especially when you are studying for long hours, if you are craving a hot beverage that will make you feel alert, we would suggest you go for tea rather than coffee.

Black tea is less caffeinated and makes you feel less drowsy when the effect wears down, which is something very prevalent in high caffeinated coffee.

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