How to customize design perfume bottle packaging


According to a report from Packaging Digest, consumer use of designer fragrances in cosmetics and toiletries has been more prevalent since 2005. A study conducted by IFRA found that there was a 21 percent increase in designer fragrances as compared with regular scents. In 2008, 47 percent of respondents indicated that they used a designer fragrance for their regular needs as opposed to 36 percent in 2005. 

However, economic conditions like volatile fuel prices may cause consumers to seek out new ways to enjoy their favorite perfumes, so finding ways to create customized packaging can be one-way designers will be able to market these products. Designer perfume is always chic and fashionable so by adding your logo or label on it, you’re giving people an even better reason as to why they should spend their money on it. It’s also great because it’s a product that people are not only going to buy once but they’ll continue buying over and over again.

What Makes a Good Package Design?

Any package needs to be instantly recognizable, but how can a designer ensure that it’s instantly recognizable as your product? You need a unique and memorable visual representation of your product. That is why at Beauty Sourcing we recommend high-quality design perfume bottle manufacturers that go with your products.

A good package design that stands out from other options on store shelves or website shopping carts – making it both easy for consumers to find, and easy for them to remember when they see it again

Beauty sourcing; easy way to customize your design and perform bottle packaging 

BeautySourcing is a site that focuses on recommending high-quality beauty suppliers, most especially qualified manufacturers. Across China, Beauty sourcing connects roughly  3000 high-quality suppliers and companies. Products featured on BeautySourcing’s Marketplace can be viewed, touched, felt, and scented at associated offline events, which will be available through the research and filtration function, according to the O2O model.

So, while making design perfume bottles for your products might seem difficult for you before now, Beaty sourcing connects you instantly to the right manufacturers. We have quite different places where you can get designed perfume bottles (from the shapes to sizes and labels). There are websites where you can place orders online too. Beauty sourcing has templates available for download so if you know what kind of look or style you want then downloading those templates would be very helpful in making sure everything looks exactly how you want it to.

How to customize design perfume bottle packaging

There are many ways our recommended manufacturers choose when they want to design perfume bottle packages. One way is by using a premade package and then getting custom labels added to it.

Another way is by having completely custom labels designed for an individual package. There are benefits and downsides to both methods, but each has its advantages for those looking for customized designs for their packages. The first method of customization comes from using pre-made labels. The pre-made packages have pre-made templates that allow you to just insert your label over the top of them. This method offers quick results and doesn’t require much time or money on your part because all you need to do is add a label with your name on it over top of someone else’s work. 

The second method involves creating your design perfume bottle from scratch. With complete customization, you get exactly what you want without worrying about whether someone else’s style will clash with yours or not fit properly in some way on your product because you designed everything yourself from scratch.

Final notes

If you’re a novice, finding high-quality logos, branding, and website designs is probably your biggest challenge. However, if you have no idea where to start about designer sourcing— Beauty sourcing can help! What’s more, is that we’ve already made an incredible and extensive directory of sources for your benefit. We highly recommend you check it out now so you can begin sourcing straight away!

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