How to decorate Easter cookies with stencils

 Easter I just around the corner and you must have amazing plans to make this time of the year most memorable with your loved ones. Have a sweet tooth? You must have baked Gingerbread cookies to munch on. It may be a routine for you, but you can bring an exciting change by making different shapes on gingerbread using stencils.

Your kids and family members will love these differently shaped cookies. Use the same dough but come up with different shapes to make this holiday season most memorable; after all, who doesn’t like decorating Easter cookies?

 Things you need to stencil Easter Cookies

  • Stencil
  • Gingerbread cookies
  • Food coloring spray
  • Royal icing
  • Large bowl

1-     Cut Cookie Dough

 We used gingerbread cookies, but you can use any dough as long as it has a flat surface. Once the dough is flat, use any cookies cutter or any shape to cut out different cookies.

2-     Bake Cookies and Mix icing

 it would be best if you had a pre-heated oven to bake your cookies. Even to stencil on cookies, the dough should be baked perfectly. While cookies are in the oven, you can make royal icing of any color. Make sure you are choosing easy to manage to ice. Because eventually, it will solidify on cookies and will make a perfect stencil for cookies

3–     Let them cool

 once baked, take the cookies out of the oven and let them cool. It is important because it will melt away if you put the icing on hot cookies. Keep stirring icing while cookies are cooling to avoid them from drying up.

4-     Dip cookies into icing

 It is a quick process; dip these cookies one be one into the icing. By gently pinching the sides, allow the entire face of cookies to be covered with icing. Do not let cookies into icing for more than a minute. Else, it will get soggy.

5-     Stencil the cookie

 Now here comes the main deal. Once the icing is cooled, place a paper towel on a cookie to absorb any additional icing. Place your stencil on the cookie. Spray on this stencil keeping it 6-10 inches away from the cookie. Use it like any normal spray paint. Be careful to use a single color food spray; else it will ruin the stencil.

6-     Wait for cookies to dry

 Wait for the food spray to dry, then carefully remove the stencil from the cookie. Let the cookies settle to prevent any food coloring from spreading. Now your cookies are not only pretty to see but amazing to eat too.

You can make any flavor cookie but make sure it has a flat and smooth surface once you spread it to cut out different cookies. Uneven surfaces having hazelnuts or other nuts may not guarantee a perfect outlook. You can make as many delightful cookies this Easter for your home or gift your neighbors and friends in budget. It could be another fun-filled activity to enjoy with your children. Make the most out of these moments using stencils to get a professional result.

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