How to fix Black screen on Laptop

Fifteen days ago, my friend and I were doing the combined study. We were working on an assignment, and suddenly my laptop shut down due to a dead battery. We lost in work and forgot to charge the laptop. But there was not any problem because we had another laptop and we turned it on. 

The power light was flashing, the fan was spinning, but there was no light on the screen. Unfortunately, our laptop screen was black, and it was not turning in its normal condition, and yes, that was a problem. Long story short, we started searching for solutions to fix the black screen on the laptop and came up with unique and practical methods to fix it. For laptops related articles you can also visit:

Do you want to know these practical methods as well? We are happy to share with you; just read the complete article to learn these four helpful methods.

Fix the problem by restarting the explorer.exe process

It’s possible that explorer.exe of your laptop has been closed and showing the black screen in the result. Explorer.exe manages the taskbar, desktop, and other things on your operating system. Follow the instructions given below to fix the issue:

  • First of all, for opening the task manager, press CtrlShift, and Esc simultaneously.
  • After that, click the Processes tab in task manager and then find “explorer.exe.”
  • After seeing the “explorer.exe,” right-click it, select End Process or End task, restart the laptop and check the black screen has been fixed.

Fix the problem by hard resetting your laptop

There is one thing you should keep in mind that when you hard reset your laptop, your laptop can lose all the information from the memory card. This method is beneficial for getting back to the standard screen, and to do this, follow the instructions:

  • The first step of this method is turning off the laptop.
  • Disconnect all the devices from the laptop like a mouse, USB, etc.
  • Remove the battery as well.
  • Disconnect the charger from your laptop and turn it off.
  • After that, now put the battery in its place and turn the power on again.
  • If the method is helpful, then you can see the standard screen again on your laptop.

Fix the problem by reinstalling the memory

Black screen issues may be the reason of your latest laptop for streaming memory. Therefore, if previous methods are not working for you, then reinstalling the memory (RAM) can be a good idea. To do it, follow the instructions given below:

  • First of all, you need to turn off the laptop and remove all the devices as we did in the last method.
  • The next step is removing the cover of the memory module compartment. If you don’t know how to do this, go to your manufacturer’s website and check this method.
  • After that, remove the memory from the laptop.
  • Now clean the golden part of the memory with an eraser.
  • The next step is installing memory back and covering the memory module compartment.
  • Now, turn on the laptop and check the issue is fixed.

Contact the professional

Choose this method in the end when you find all the above methods helpless. Contact the professional to fix this issue and if you have still a warranty, then contact your manufacturer. 

Black screen issues can be due to any reason. If you are also facing this issue and don’t know how to fix the black screen on a laptop then this article can be helpful for you. So read the article and follow all steps to resolve the issue.

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