How To Increase Your Internet Bandwidth For Heavy Downloads?

We can never be satisfied if we are left with the internet and free downloads. Endless downloads are like a matter of dreams!

However, there is one thing that we can achieve, fast download. Especially if you are someone waiting to download all your huge files, and the bandwidth is hogging. It is frustrating when you are not able to get your file ready at the correct time.

Can you increase your internet bandwidth? Well, the answer is technical yes, and here is how. These are some of the ways you can prevent bandwidth hogging and make your internet better.

1. Restart Your Computer

We sometimes try to find complicated solutions to the problem when it is quite simple. For example, if your system is open for too long, the processing can become slow.

This, in return, can make the internet connection slow. If you have a big file to download, start with restraining your computer.

If downloading a free file in the pirate bay, try checking the download time in the information before downloading it.

2. Close The Tabs

Too many tabs opened in three more windows can be a major cause of bandwidth hogging. Start with closing all the tabs and clearing the internet.

The internet will be more concentrated, and they can focus on downloading the big file.

3. Upgrade Internet Speed

Maybe you are working on a slow internet speed. Upgrading your internet speed won’t be that expensive.

So, if you have these big files to download and they need to be downloaded fast, then call your ISP today and increase the speed.

4. Use VPN

The use of a VPN is applicable for saving your data on the internet and prevents bandwidth throttling by ISP.

They do this to prevent data congestion and also manipulate you to upgrade to better plans. These things can be avoided with a VPN, and you will get all the data you are paying for.

5. Disconnect Other Devices

The bandwidth is hogging with too many devices connected. Disable the other devices and make the bandwidth concentrate on one task.

If you have a big file to download, connect only that device to the bandwidth and reconnect the rest when the download is over.

6. Get Your Device Close To The Router

If the router is too far away from the device you are working on; the bandwidth can create a problem.

Although it is wireless, the reach matters. You can call your ISP and increase the reach or simply take the device closer to the router.

7. Scan For Virus

A virus invasion could be a reason for the internet speed to derail. The moment you realize that your internet is acting poorly than any other day, quickly run it for a scan.

This could be an early sign for detection and help you combat the situation as fast as possible. Unfortunately, this is not extremely common when it comes to slow internet. However, we shouldn’t keep it aside since it is a possibility.

8. Check Your VPN

Yes, we have advised you to use a VPN, but sometimes the VPN makes the internet slow. 

There could be several reasons for this. First, your VPN is not upgraded to the premium feature, which essentially helps you to keep a faster internet connection while protecting your IP address.

Second, you are using a shady-free version of VPN.

9. Do Not Hog Downloads

Yes, there could be an urgency, but there is a limit to your bandwidth. Therefore, it is always advised for your bandwidth to download one large file at a time.

If the ISP notices you using most of the data for downloading these humongous files, the speed and bandwidth throttling will increase. Downloading one file at a time will actually help you download all of it faster.

10. Close Applications

Whenever we open our system, there are applications that can open automatically. You have to specifically go to the settings and change this configuration.

At the same time, check your device thoroughly and look into any application running in the background that could hog the internet. Then, close them all before you start downloading the big file.

Final Note

These are some of the ways you can avoid a slow download. Your bandwidth problem should be fixed within these options.

If it still doesn’t, then you can contact your Internet service providers.

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