How to Keep Rats Away from Your Garage

Seeing a mouse in your kitchen is, by all means, a horrible story. But finding out that you have

rats in your garage is not less terrifying. Rodents can bring a real mess into the space you’ve

bought to keep your car but mainly use it for storage. Speaking of which, maintaining chaos in

your garage is one of the top reasons the pests move in here. And they are not going anywhere

because you accidentally made a great home for them through your laziness. Finding out how

to get rid of rats efficiently and immediately is a must because they can damage your car, eat

everything you’ve stored in the garage, and even get you horrible diseases which there are

fatal, too.

Common rat entry points in your garage

Rat-proofing your garage should start from the very beginning, which in this case is locating the

welcoming entrance into which the rodents get in. The gap under the door is, of course, the first

thing to think of. However, some people don’t believe that a rat can go even through the

smallest gap. Simply slide your finger through this gap to test the possible rat entry points. If you

don’t have your finger stuck, be sure that an entire rat can quickly go through this entrance. Seal

the gap and continue checking out for more rat entry points. Just because you’ve filled this hole

doesn’t mean the rodents will find others to get to your garage. They can get to your car

because they cannot resist any wire, tire, cable, etc. Rats can also get inside your garage:

● Through the vent system;

● By digging, if you own a dirt floor garage;

● Through the openings;

● By climbing, especially if there are cables around;

● Through the drains as they are great for swimming.

Signs of a rat infestation in your garage

Ok, here’s the deal: if you suspect having rats in your garage, then there’s a 99% possibility for

you to have them. And here’s more: if you see a dead rat in your garage, there are more of

them. Now, consider the fact that a female rat can have up to 12 little rats per year. Sounds like

a zoo, but from a horror movie, where you, your kids, your dog, and your wife, who’s been telling

you to tidy up the garage for years, are in considerable danger. We guess you are now ready to

inspect possible rat infestation. Here are the obvious signs that you have rats in the garage:

● Black droppings that are usually nearby the trash or leftover food, including your dog’s

big pack for breakfast;

● You’ve heard noises, mainly the sound of scratching and usually at night time;

● There are nests around the garage that you haven’t done. Neither did your cat, who

failed in chasing the rats in the garage away;

● Gnawed wires, wooden materials, clothing, plastic toys, and others everywhere;

● In your yard, there are also burrows;

● The walls are filled with marks;

● Pieces of hair are typical for rats.

Types of damage rats can cause in a garage

Gnawing is just one of the things rats can do in your garage. You will not believe what a rat

infestation can cause you. Unlike mice, these rodents are stronger, nastier, and more capable of

surviving. They are also keener on making mischief. Since your garage has so much space,

items, and a messy environment, the rats get even more motivated to leave harm and injuries

around. These rodents have very sharp teeth that let them gnaw any material except for hard

metal because they can seek iron, copper, and aluminium in their teeth. This means that your

entire garage equipment for repairs, your car, your kid’s old toys, your Christmas decoration,

and your wife’s box of beauty electric devices are all in immense danger. Add to these the fact

that rodents carry diseases such as hantavirus, Lassa fever, Monkeypox, and all types of

infections, and you should instantly find the answer to the question of how to get rid of rats.

How to keep rats out of your garage

Not letting the rats in the garage is the best way to remove them. Pest control is similar to

medicine – prevention is the best cure. Thankfully, there are many ways for you to keep your

garage rat-free. Let’s start with the basics.

Don’t keep food in the garage

Rats are greedy but real survivors, too. In other words, they can be attracted by your garage

even if there’s a small amount of food left there. When they eat it all, these rodents will not go

away. If they like your space, they’ll make a nest a few hours after eating the food you’ve

forgotten in the garage. And, yes, if you wonder whether winter supplies are not ok to be kept

there, you are right. All those cans and especially the jars – showing something sweet for dinner

– are common reasons for rat infestation issues.

Fill up any holes

Get that spray foam or the automotive body filler and fill them all! It’s essential for us to remind

you that rats can slide down through really tiny holes. For more security, make sure to examine

the perimeter once in a while. Invisible damages might create new rat entry points. Speaking of

which, it’s not our goal to scare you out, but be aware that when the freezing temperatures

come, the rodents will feel like visiting a warmer space nearby, which means your house is

constantly in danger of rat infestation, too!

Keep the garage tidy

It’s high time for you to tickle your wife and eliminate the chaos in the garage. Now you have a

solid reason to do so. To preserve the tidy result regularly, too. Tidying up the garage once is a

hard job. Yet, once you establish some organization, the next time, it’s going to be easier.

Besides, when tidying the garage, rats might not wish to be there anymore. They might be nasty

and scary, but they do get afraid, too – especially of the chance to be spotted.

Replace the bottom seal of your garage door

Efficient rat control starts with this crucial chore. If you don’t have faith in your current garage

bottom seal, you better have a new one. Closing the entrance to the rodents is the best thing

you can do to keep them away. That might be an investment you don’t want to pay now. Yet, this

is way better than calling a doctor after a bite or spending lots of money to repair your car after

the rodent’s mischief.

Check seals around doors and windows

When it comes to establishing some solid rat control for your garage, examining the seal means

examining all of them. These animals are too stubborn and hard-working when they want to

enter some space. If this is your garage – with solid door sealing – they will not give up, but try

the windows, too.

Use rat repellents

It could also be efficient for securing your garage with suitable repellents. You will easily find

some bargain deals in the store. Just ask the consultant how to get rid of rats, and you will be

immediately taken to the appropriate counter. Here’s where you can pick up the following items:

● Anti-Rodent Spray;

● Sonic Mouse and Rat Repeller;

● Mothballs;

● Essential oils – peppermint, eucalypt, etc.

Set out traps and baits

If you are reading this material not for prevention tips but for the actual piece of advice on how

to get rid of rats, you need solid solutions. Baits and traps are great options. Using them both is

the best DIY solution to deal with rodents. Of course, you should be very careful when using rat

poison as it also intoxicates people and other animals. Using professional pest control services

is not a deal to underestimate, either.

In conclusion

If you have seen any signs of a rat infestation, it’s time for action. Don’t waste time because

these pests are among the most dangerous ones, especially for your health and life.

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