How to Practice Body Neutrality

Every new year brings with it a slew of goals aimed at bettering one’s own situation or lifestyle.

There are many individuals who find themselves unsatisfied with their reflection in the mirror and decide to make some modifications in order to better embrace self-love.

The face you see in the mirror is simply one facet of who you are. You don’t have to adore your body in order to accept and love yourself.

Fortunately, body neutrality may benefit those who are struggling with body dysmorphia or concerned with their physical appearance.

It is important to know what bodily neutrality is and how to practice it.

What does Body Neutrality Mean

The exact definition of “body neutrality” is not endorsing either hate or worship of one’s physical body.

At its core, body neutrality is the belief that we don’t have to worry about our looks in order to be happy. There are weight prejudices everywhere in our society and culture, and women’s bodies are objectified.

Women who have bigger bodies are seen as unhealthy, sluggish, and unmotivated because of their greater size and weight.

The concept of “body neutrality” encourages people to accept their bodies for what they are, emphasizing their skills and nonphysical qualities rather than their outward appearance.

It also gives you a chance to take a step back from your body language in general.

Here are a few ways you can practice body neutrality every day!

Redirect the Uncomfortable Conversations About Your Body

Keep away the harsh judgements about your body. In the event that you find yourself criticizing your own body, be kind and seek to reframe your thoughts in a more objective manner.

Change the topic of the body, its form, its weight, and its number of calories.  If at all possible, surround oneself with individuals who are concerned with things other than their physical looks.

Explain body neutrality to your friends, and explain how they may show respect for your perspective by refraining from having body-based discussions with you.

Engage in People With the Same Platform

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Maintaining a body-neutral perspective when filtering your news feed may be a beneficial complement to your body image neutrality practice.

Many people report getting stimulated or having unfavorable views about the accounts they follow on social media, whether from individuals they know in real life or influencers.

Body neutrality may be achieved by following accounts which make you feel content or neutral. If they do not, finding means to block them out by unfollowing or muting would be helpful for practicing body neutrality.


Accept the fact that you will not achieve body neutrality overnight. At first impression, it may seem a little strange and out of the ordinary. At this point, the best place to start is by talking to yourself about it.

To do this, you’ll need to talk about the way your body works, identifying both your strengths and your weaknesses.

Keep in mind, though, that your shortcomings should not cause you to get discouraged. Accept them as they are.

Adapt Your Clothing Style

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When it comes to clothing selections, the body neutrality notion is devoid of judgements about a person’s body size and form. You may wear anything you want as long as it provides you with a sense of ease and body confidence.

Prioritize your selections based on materials, colors, and style that you find attractive, rather than on how well they fit your body. In an increasingly progressive world, many plus size wholesale clothes are now available both in physical stores and online.

Clothing should be chosen based on its degree of comfort, good fit, and suitability for the activity or occasion in question.

If wearing fashionable and audacious attire makes you feel a little out of place, just don’t do it.

Understand Your Eating Habits and Work to Improve It

Instead of focusing on how your food choices will affect your body’s weight and size, you should concentrate on how they will make you feel.

You should take into account your culinary tastes as well as the way certain foods make you feel.

Choose full, fresh meals that will offer your body the critical nutrients it needs, but also remember to indulge in sweets and snacks rather than depriving yourself of them.

Concentrate on just eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are full.

Take a more thoughtful approach to your meals. During your meal, take time to appreciate the tastes, textures, and overall consistency of your meals.

Simply said, eat foods that you like and that are beneficial to your health.

Cultivate an Environment that is Body-Neutral

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In order to create a body neutral environment, you must surround yourself with things that will support you in practicing body neutrality.

It’s necessary to provide yourself with as much support as you can when you’re striving to change your unfavourable feelings to your body.

Additionally, it implies avoiding being in the presence of body shaming individuals and circumstances to the greatest extent possible.


There is a new chance every single day for you to look at yourself and your body with less judgment and more love.

So think about making more time for social connections and meet-ups, or going for nature walks instead of going to the gym.

Spending less time on the physical body will free up more of your valuable time.

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