How to solve an issue of EE bad signal?

Everything Everywhere (EE) is one of the most popular network providers in the UK. With coverage in many areas, it has continued to provide good connections at most times. It allows people to stay in touch with friends and family for the most part. However, some clients experience poor mobile signals due to various reasons. Having the EE bad signal can keep you from making calls according to UCtel.

It also means poor clarity or interruption of important calls. So the best option is to find an appropriate solution. To find effective ways of fixing a poor mobile signal, it is important to understand what may be causing it in the first place. Let’s check why you may have a bad EE signal and how to fix it!

Causes of a bad signal

Just like any type of mobile provider out there, EE networks can also experience poor signals. You can find many reasons for bad signals, for example, one of the most popular is overload capacity which you can often see at the music festivals. This can occur due to different reasons. Here are some of the potential causes.

Building materials

Different building materials may slow down signal transmission. This is especially true for old buildings from the 19th century. Some of the materials that may block a signal include:

  • Concrete
  • Insulation
  • Metals

Areas that have thick walls are more susceptible to signal interruptions. So if for example, you live in an old building or basement, chances are that poor internet is common.


While EE providers offer a wide coverage, not all areas may have a strong signal. If you live in an area that is off the coverage area then a poor mobile signal can occur. Also, if you are moving in a tunnel or area with trees, the signal may completely disappear. That’s because the provider doesn’t cover such areas. Only zones with coverage will maintain a connection.


Sometimes things like mountains, hills, or trees may slow down a network. So if you live in an area that is covered with hills or trees, the signal is likely to be weak. This is a challenge you will fail to overcome especially if you are far from a cell tower.

Cell tower

Cell Tower location is crucial. The further you are from one the worse the network. As the signal travels, it becomes weaker. So by the time it reaches your phone, you may experience only a bar. Additionally, you can find different factors like terrain and other conditions where a cell tower has the capability to replace a signal anywhere from 3 to 80 kilometers.

Keep in mind that congestion also plays a huge role in whether you have a good connection or not. In very congested areas, a network cell mast may turn off some devices to overcome this. This leaves many people without an internet or mobile connection.

Phone settings

Sometimes the signal can be bad regardless of your location. If this is the case then the problem might be your phone. The best way to test this is by checking the strength of a signal both outside and inside. If it remains the same then you have to check your phone settings.

Phone settings that may cause a bad network include:

  • Outdated system
  • Low battery
  • Phone cases
  • Network modes
  • Network settings

For bad Internet connections, you may want to check the antenna. Sometimes a problem with the antenna can cause you to have a bad signal. Once you fix this, the strength of the signal will improve.

Possible solutions

To find a good solution, you need to tackle the problem. However, most of the causes of a poor network are difficult to deal with. For instance, it may not be possible to move to another area or eliminate hills to improve phone calls. One thing you may try is checking your phone settings. You may restart the phone to improve your connection.

Try to remove the sim card SIM to make sure the antenna is working properly. But this is not always effective. So your best option for ensuring a constant connection is an EE mobile signal booster.

Signal booster

A mobile booster is a great solution for anyone experiencing EE bad signals. This is a device that improves your connection. It consists of 3 main components. These are the:

  • External antenna
  • Internal antenna
  • Amplifier

The external antenna is designed to capture the weak signal. This then passes the signal to an amplifier. The amplifier boosts the signal before transferring it to the internal antenna. The internal antenna then broadcasts a stronger signal allowing you to maintain a good connection at all times. It also extends the signal to areas in a building that previously had no connection.

Types and features

Installing a mobile signal booster is easy. It is also affordable meaning nothing should keep you from getting one. There are different types. The capacity all depends on what you need it for. For instance, the one you use at home may be smaller than what will be required to boost the signal in an office space. There are EE signal boosters that you can take when driving. This way, you will maintain a good signal on the road.

Because there are no interruptions on calls, the phone’s battery life will last longer. At the end of the day, a signal booster leads to efficiency. Communicate with family and friends without worrying About dropped calls. It is not only about improving the quality of calls but making life easier. You won’t have to worry about your location. Once you install one, maintenance is easy. Providers offer something specific to your needs.

Final thoughts

Staying connected at all times is important. Whether you want to make phone calls or use the internet, EE is one of the best providers. With coverage in most places, you are likely to experience smooth communication. However, for instances where you experience poor signals then a signal booster may be the best solution. Things like hills, building materials, and your location can prevent you from having a good network.

It allows you to convert any EE bad signal into a strong one. That way you can enjoy constant communication at all times. It is easy to install and cost-effective. Get a mobile signal booster today and enjoy good signals like never before.

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