How To Tie Shoelaces

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Do you love shoes?

If so, join the club! After all, footwear is one of the most essential parts of daily life for most people in the United States. In fact, it’s hard to imagine not wearing shoes to work or school, or just to go outside and explore the world.

When you get your first pair of shoes, you’ll need to understand how to tie shoelaces. This is an aspect of getting dressed in the morning that the majority of us probably take for granted.

So, what is the secret to properly tying shoelaces on any pair of shoes? This article provides the answer you need. Keep reading to learn more.

A Brief History of Shoelaces

Let’s start by discussing the origin of the modern shoelace. Believe it or not, shoelaces have been around since modern times. That’s because people have always needed help keeping their footwear from falling off as they walked around through the day.

And yet the modern shoelace was developed in 1790. That’s when an Englishman filed a patent for his design.

Tying a Basic Shoelace Knot

When you start wearing shoes, you’ll definitely need to buy shoelaces and understand how to tie a stand knot. This is the most common shoelace knot and the easiest one to learn.

Start by making an X with the laces. Next, wrap the top lace under the bottom one. Go ahead and pull it through. Now make a loop with one end and wrap the other one around the looped shoelace.

Make another small loop with the one you have wrapped and complete the process by pulling it through the hole in the middle.

Tying a Double Bow Shoelace Knot

The next type of knot we’ll look at is the double bow. This is a variation of the standard knot with a little extra something added on for good measure. 

Again, start by making an X with both shoelaces. Complete all the previous steps required for the standard knot, but then make another small loop with the wrapped shoelace, pulling it through the hole in the middle.

This extra loop is intended to prevent the knot from coming untied during your daily activities. 

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Tips on How to Tie Shoelaces

It’s no secret that choosing the perfect footwear for your lifestyle is one of the most basic aspects of getting dressed in the morning. And with so many different styles of shoes to choose from, it’s important to familiarize yourself with how to tie shoelaces so they’ll stay nice and tight.

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