How to watch Amazon Prime on Smart TV?

An Amazon Prime account is one of the best things that can ever happen to you. With the many benefits that are offered as part of the package, you have a great advantage that can really get you ahead. There are various platforms through which you can enjoy Amazon Prime Video. But only some of them allow you to connect your Amazon streaming device to your TV. Let us take a look at how you can watch Amazon Prime on TV.

Most of the mid-range and high-end televisions that are hitting the market these days have apps for popular streaming services. You can buy these TVs from any of the major manufacturers like LG, Sony, Samsung or Panasonic. Just check with your retailer to see if the TV supports internet streaming or not. This is the easiest way to watch Amazon Prime on TV.

Since most of our homes have high-speed internet these days, there is a possibility that you may want to watch your Amazon Prime Video content offline to watch at a later time. However, the download feature comes with some limitations. There is a limit to the number of shows or titles that can be downloaded per account. There is also an expiry period for the downloaded titles, which are automatically deleted after a certain date.

These are some of the major reasons that should make you opt for a third-party Amazon Prime downloader, which can prove to be very effective and efficient.

StreamFab Amazon Prime Downloader software is easy to use and runs on virtually all computers, irrespective of the OS version. It helps you download content in 540p and EAC3 5.1 and AAC 2.0 audio. You can also download H.264 or H.265 videos. 1080p is already supported.

Step 1: Launch the StreamFab Downloader application on your desktop screen and click the “VIP Services” option on the left tab.

Step 2: You will find the supported premium streaming networks from where you can download movies, click on Amazon.

Step 3: Sign in to your Prime account using your verified credentials. After signing in, search for the movie you want to download and start playing. Then when the pop-up window appears, click the Download Now button to start downloading the movie you are playing.

Just like you can download an entire season with the Amazon Prime Video app, this Amazon Video downloader will also help you batch download an entire season, and that too at an accelerated speed. The downloaded files retain all the metadata like movie title, cast, season, episode title, and cover art. You no longer have to worry about a movie or series from TV no longer being available on Amazon Prime, or having to pay internet or recurring subscription fees to watch your favorite content.

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