Jon Mac Review – The Truth about Store Formula

I was among those investing in various online eCommerce courses. Time and again, most of us get tempted by the mammoth of courses and gain almost nothing in return. Most courses often demand a lot of money for limited or negligible knowledge in return. I’ve put in a lot of money on such courses and finally landed on the right one. So, here is my Jon Mac Review and a peek into his successful store formula. 

What is Store Formula? 

Store Formula is an online course from Jon Mac discussing various aspects related to eCommerce. It uses specific methods like dropshipping and Jon’s co-founded Commerce HQ platforms to achieve the results. The course talks about everything needed to build an online store and run it successfully. 

Who is Jon Mac? 

This, being a Jon Mac review, I’d like to delineate a little about the host. Jon Mac is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and marketing strategist. He’s written various books like the Freedom Formula and launched online platforms like Commerce HQ. It is an online platform and an excellent alternative to the Shopify platform. Annual subscription to this platform allows people to create up to six unique online stores. 

Jon encourages people in turning their dreams into successful careers. He provides various methods for this purpose, tried by himself and his friends too. Jon is pretty confident at what he says and does. Jon practices what he suggests and this makes his course even better. He tries various methods and presents them to his students in the best possible way. Jon’s techniques were quite impressive and worked well for me. 

What is included in Store Formula? 

My Jon Mac review covers his best eCommerce course named Store Formula. It is a constantly updated course using different techniques to make money online. This course covers drop-shipping techniques and Jon’s Commerce HQ platform to build an efficient online store. Store Formula is an online video tutorial course covering various aspects of eCommerce. Sometimes, you’ll also have webinars and questionnaire sessions with Jon. The best thing about this course is the flexibility that dropshipping is possible from anywhere in the world. 

Here is the module breakdown of the course 

The entire course stretches around 10 hours in video sessions. Jon discusses his methods in four weeks through different modules. Jon addresses a welcome video before beginning the course in which he introduces himself. Jon also talks about the people whom the course is meant for – newbies to the eCommerce world and people looking for ways to improve their established businesses. 

Week 1: Build 

As the name suggests, the first week talks about building your online store from scratch. Jon explains everything about creating your eCommerce website using his Commerce HQ platform. He also talks about his success formula involving the current plan, time, and other crucial aspects to achieving your dream goals. 

Week 2: Select 

The second week of Store Formula is all about finding your hero product. Jon often suggests to his students that it is best to rely on existing methods rather than turning to risky alternatives. Moreover, he also emphasizes that a single product for a specific store is sufficient to make the 6-figure income you are looking for. 

In week 2, Jon provides various inputs to analyzing Facebook feeds and choose your winning product for your store accordingly. He also delineates profit margins and pricing techniques for these products to make more revenue. 

Week 3: Launch 

In the third week, Jon talks about setting up appropriate ad campaigns to drive more traffic. Jon claims to have figured out the algorithms on which Facebook ads run. So, he shares various tricks based on these algorithms and helps launch an impactful ad campaign for your product. Here, you will also organize your Business Manager and various other aspects related to Facebook ads. 

Week 4: Outsource 

Most eCommerce courses that I came across skipped this part. But this inclusion from the Store Formula encouraged me into writing the Jon Mac review and sharing the information with you. As mentioned above, most courses either don’t discuss this aspect or ask their students to consider outsourcing in the later stages. However, Jon, being the best mentor he is, advises his students to start hiring as soon as the sales begin. 

Jon teaches the need of three important teams in his tutorials – project management, ad management, and customer support. He emphasizes the need of hiring an efficient team to sustain your business. Jon also shares valuable information for how to hire, when to hire, and where to hire people based on your business and plans related to it. 

Bonus: 5 Modules 

There is a bonus included with the Store Formula providing questionnaire and direct interactions with Jon. You can clarify all of your doubts based on eCommerce and gain valuable insights from others’ doubts. Jon calls some of his students for direct interaction and chats with them live! 

Some key benefits of the course include the Accelerator app, Facebook ad campaigns, free access to Commerce HQ for one year, six different online stores, etc. But is the course worth it? 

Final Thoughts 

Like I said above, outsourcing was the trigger for me to write the Jon Mac review. It is a wonderful bank of crucial information about maintaining your store. You might have understood that Jon doesn’t just talk about building an online store. He also suggests various ways to becoming successful in it and running your business for a long. I tried to put up the gist of Store Formula in my Jon Mac review. But there is a lot more from it, like the alumni interaction, Commerce HQ, proven results, etc. An impressive thing about Jon’s methods is that they are already implemented by his circle and come with proven results. Moreover, Jon works on various latest trends and suggests ways as per the ongoing trends. So, the Store Formula is updated time and again with all the latest information! Choosing this course will get you to learn from a successful strategist like Jon! 

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