Lahore to Rawalpindi Railway Time Schedule, Fares, Duration & Contact [2023]

Lahore to Rawalpindi Railway Time Schedule

Your journey across the heart of Pakistan is set to become an incredible experience. This article will guide you through the Lahore to Rawalpindi Railway Time Schedule and all essential details. As experienced railway travel experts, we aim to provide you with the most authoritative and up-to-date information on this popular train route. So, let’s embark on this journey together!

Navigating the Lahore to Rawalpindi Railway Time Schedule

Navigating the Lahore to Rawalpindi Railway Time Schedule

Pakistan Railways has facilitated connectivity between Lahore, the vibrant cultural hub, and Rawalpindi, the gateway to northern Pakistan, with an assortment of trains. They range from the high-speed Green Line to the economical Allama Iqbal Express, offering a choice for every traveler’s preference and budget.

Train schedules vary, with multiple departures from Lahore daily. The fastest train, the Green Line, completes the journey in approximately 4 hours, while others may take up to 6 hours, depending on the number of stops and the train’s speed.

Remember, timings are subject to change, and it’s always a good idea to check the most recent Lahore to Rawalpindi Railway Time Schedule before planning your journey.

Route and Stops

This railway route offers an exciting voyage through diverse landscapes and vibrant cities of Pakistan. You will travel approximately 290 kilometers, witnessing the beauty of Punjab. There are several scheduled stops en-route, like Gujranwala and Jhelum, but these depend on the train you choose.

Lahore to Rawalpindi Train Fare

Lahore to Rawalpindi Train Fare

The fare differs based on the train and class of travel. The Green Line’s AC Business class is more expensive than the Economy class of other trains, offering a premium travel experience. Always check the latest Lahore to Rawalpindi train ticket price when booking, as fares may fluctuate.

Train NameEconomy SeatEconomy BirthA.C BusinessA.C StandardA.C Sleeper
Awam Express800/-850/-1300/-
Green Line1050/-1100/-2350/-
Islamabad Express650/-700/-1200/-1100/-1450/- (Parlor)
Jaffar Express950/-1000/-2000/-1300/-2600/-
Khyber Mail800/-850/-1600/-1300/-2400/-
Rawal Express650/-700/-1200/-1100/-1450/- (Parlor)
Subak Kharram650/-700/-1200/-1100/-1450/- (Parlor)
Subak Raftar650/-700/-1200/-1100/-1450/- (Parlor)
Tezgam Express950/-1000/-2000/-1300/-2600/-

Ticket Booking and Availability

Booking your train ticket has never been more convenient. You can purchase tickets from the railway station, but the easiest way is online through the Pakistan Railways official website or the Railways Mobile App. The train seat availability can be checked real-time, allowing you to secure your journey well in advance.

Riding the Rails: From Lahore to Rawalpindi

Riding the Rails: From Lahore to Rawalpindi

This essential guide to the Lahore to Rawalpindi Railway Time Schedule has been prepared by our team of travel experts with vast knowledge of Pakistan’s railway system.

Whether you’re traveling for business, visiting family, or just exploring the country’s scenic beauty, taking the train from Lahore to Rawalpindi is an adventure you’ll cherish. Experience the blend of comfort, convenience, and sightseeing that this rail journey offers, making it a preferred choice for many.

Ensure you stay updated with the most accurate information on Lahore to Rawalpindi train timings and other details, guaranteeing a smooth, enjoyable trip. Happy journey!

Your Journey Comfort: Facilities on Board

Your comfort during the journey is a priority for Pakistan Railways. Trains are equipped with amenities to ensure a relaxing journey from Lahore to Rawalpindi. These amenities range from reclining seats in Economy Class to air-conditioned and spacious cabins in AC Business Class. Some trains also offer dining cars, serving a variety of delicious meals and refreshments.

Additionally, the train staff is always ready to assist passengers, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey. However, service offerings vary between trains, so check the facilities provided on your chosen train when booking your ticket.

Lahore and Rawalpindi Train Stations

Both Lahore and Rawalpindi railway stations are significant nodes in Pakistan’s rail network. They are well-equipped, offering facilities like waiting areas, ticketing services, restrooms, and food kiosks.

Lahore Railway Station, one of the oldest in the country, beautifully combines historical charm with modern facilities. On the other hand, Rawalpindi Railway Station is a vital hub connecting the northern regions of Pakistan.

Making the Most of Your Journey

One of the joys of train travel is the chance to witness the ever-changing panorama outside your window. The journey from Lahore to Rawalpindi takes you through a variety of landscapes, from bustling cities to serene countryside and river views. It’s an opportunity to witness the beautiful diversity of Pakistan from the comfort of your train seat.

So, don’t just consider this as a commute – look at it as an opportunity for a memorable journey. Take a book, bring your favorite playlist, or simply sit back and enjoy the views.

Lahore to Rawalpindi Train Journey

Lahore to Rawalpindi Train Journey

Traveling by train between Lahore and Rawalpindi is not just about reaching your destination – it’s about the journey itself. The changing scenery, the rhythm of the train, and the sense of adventure make this experience unique.

The Lahore to Rawalpindi railway time schedule is designed to cater to various travel needs, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable journey for everyone. Whether you’re an adventurer, a business traveler, or someone visiting loved ones, this rail route has something for you.

FAQs About Lahore to Rawalpindi Train Journey

1. What is the fastest train from Lahore to Rawalpindi?

The fastest train is the Green Line, which usually completes the journey in about 4 hours.

2. Can I book a train ticket from Lahore to Rawalpindi online?

Yes, you can book tickets online through the Pakistan Railways official website or the Railways Mobile App.

3. What are the departure and arrival times for trains between Lahore and Rawalpindi?

Departure and arrival times vary based on the train service. Always refer to the most recent Lahore to Rawalpindi railway time schedule.

4. Are there any COVID-19 guidelines for train travel between Lahore and Rawalpindi?

Yes, passengers are required to follow COVID-19 SOPs defined by the Pakistan Railways, such as mandatory face masks and social distancing.

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Wrapping Up Your Rail Adventure

To sum up, your railway journey from Lahore to Rawalpindi Railway Time Schedule is set to be an incredible one. Remember, it’s not just about the destination, but the journey itself. As experts in railway travel, we hope this guide proves useful and enhances your overall travel experience.

We constantly strive to provide the most current and accurate information, assuring your trust and reliance on our content. Safe travels on your next railway adventure from Lahore to Rawalpindi!

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