ow Stick Packaging Can Boost Your Product’s Appeal

Stick packaging, which ranges from travel-sized products to boxes of single-use servings, is on trend. Consumers can appreciate the easy-to-use and sanitary design of stick packs and are more likely to share products in these packages. Learn more about stick packaging and how flexible packaging suppliers can recommend the right package design to increase the appeal of any product. 

What Is Stick Packaging

Stick packs are small lay-flat pouches made of rollstock. Materials for stick packaging are designed for use in stick pack machines, which are similar to vertical form fill seal packaging machines. These machines cut and form a roll of film into multiple stick packs, form and fill each pack, and seal the packs.

The small size of stick packs increases portability, and tear notches on each pack make this packaging easy to open. Stick packaging is suitable for dry powders, though these packages can also be used to contain some gels and liquids. Stick packs have risen to popularity in the beverage mixer and wellness sectors led by electrolyte blends, coffee sticks and supplements.

How Stick Packaging Will Help

Stick packs are small in size and highly presentable. Products in these packages are suitable for stocking at the point of purchase in retail environments, which can introduce customers to products and potentially boost sales. Brands may prefer to package sets of stick packs for sale as travel-sized versions of products or use stick packs to promote the sale of full-size packages of products.

Single-use packages can be made in a variety of sizes and styles to suit a wide range of products. You can also use films rated for custom frozen food packaging or flexible materials that meet other design preferences or durability demands. Stick packs are made of materials that can stand up to being transported prior to use without ripping or tearing. Brands can trust that products in stick packs will be stored at peak freshness until end consumers open packages and use the contents.

Design Options for Stick Packaging

Good design is key for boosting the shelf appeal of stick packaging. Colorful stick packs with an eye-catching design that includes a brand name, product name and description of the contents are more likely to appeal to consumers. Stick packs are smaller than full-size pouches, which means that brands should consider the most important branding and information to include on these packages. 

Beverage, food and supplement products are required to adhere to Food and Drug Administration regulations for labeling. The FDA has special labeling provisions for small packages. A packaging service can help brands strike the best balance between style and substance on stick packaging for any product.

Brand representatives who are considering releasing products in single-use packages should consult with a packaging service about stick packs. There are a wide range of films and barriers that can preserve the quality of products. Custom designed stick packaging is one of the most appealing ways to present samples of new products and make existing products even more convenient.

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