Red Flags & Necessary actions when relocating to Murrells Inlet.

Undoubtedly, Murrells inlets are chock-full of the southern charm and have always been a popular destination amongst tourists and anyone looking to escape the stress attributable to the average US state. Located barely 10 miles from the attractive Myrtle Beach and accommodating over 9000 people, Murrells Inlets offers a number of lifestyles and endless choices of living. With a knowledge of the lifestyle that best suits you or your family as well as some upfront information, you can easily breeze through the process of purchasing a home in Murrells Inlet

With that said, this article will walk you through some actions you need to take as well as a few red flags you need to watch out for when deciding to buy a home at Murrells Inlet.

Key considerations, before, during, and after purchasing a home in Murrells inlet

Take a walk through the neighborhood

Before scheduling a visit to the property with the realtor, walk or drive by the neighborhood first to confirm whether or not you like the area.  Check for those things you want or do not want in a residential apartment, and eliminate properties that do not align with your preferences. With this, you can save more time and even eliminate up to 7 potential homes. 

Take note of the red flags 

  • Always check for some obvious red flags such as;
  • Soggy or wet yards
  • Irritating and moldy smells
  • Lead painting 
  • Standing water is present in the crawl space. 
  • Amount of outdoor spaces 
  • Bedroom number 
  • Kitchen triangle.

Considering the extent of moisture attributable to Murrells, it becomes necessary to look out for what would potentially cause concerns when inspecting the home. You can also include these red flags in your checklists. 

Attend inspections 

Be present for your home inspection as it is a great avenue to ask questions regarding the home. It is an excellent time to access the property even to the most negligible details, including furniture, appliances, and even countertops. With this, you will have an idea of the necessary changes to be made before you move in. 

Get Familiar with insurance 

Before putting an offer into writing, always look out for the potential amount the insurance would be. With can significantly influence the success of the deal approval, and as such, ensure that you are familiar with it. 

Street First, House Later 

It is always more favorable to purchase a house with “potential” on a good street than vice versa. Thus, if you potentially find yourself in a situation where you have to choose between both options, always opt-in for the street. Ultimately, it is usually more difficult to fix a street compared to your property. 

Replace the locks

Once your home is finally yours, advisably, replace the entire exterior locks. During the house hunt, several individuals have the keys to the home, which can be pretty risky. Thus, always change the locks for your safety and security. 


Having explored the necessary red flags and actions, if you want to kickstart this journey, you may want to know more about activities, economy, and other features attributable to Murrells inlets, you can find them all at HomeGuide

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