Rent To Buy Tv, Rent To Buy Laptops And Rent To Buy Bridge With Snaffle

Snaffle is a company which is offering you some good daily life products with few new ideas and cheap rates. The site deals with you to rent to buy laptop, rent to buy camera, rent to buy cell phones, rent to buy tv, rent to buy fridge and objectslike these. In the article below, we are going to have a look at some of the vitals of the website. 


Snaffle is a company originated to give the middle class and poor people a pleasure to use the daily life equipment which is not theirs but they are using it in return of paying a small amount as rent, or if they want they can as well buy it if they are willing to. You get rent to buy cameras, rent to buy mobile phones, rent to buy home and garden decor, rent to buy speakers, rent to buy fridge, rent to buy laptops, rent to buy PCs, rent to buy tv, etc here. 

Old or brand new products?

The products visible on the website and delivered at your homes are all brand new products that arrive at your doorsteps directly from the manufacturer. Snaffle deals with new products and there are no traces of any type of second-hand objects anywhere on the site. With a smaller amount, you will get to use the new products and no one will come to know if you bought it or renting it.

Upgrade feature

Snaffle here allows you to upgrade your order. At times it may happen that you now have the sum to buy the product which you are currently renting so you may contact the customer care for more details while on other times when you are still short on money and cannot afford the new product because the contract is ending soon, you can contact the customer support and spill your issues and they will be more than happy to help. There are more upgrade options, it is mostly up to you, which one you want to choose.

Custom order request

If you can not find the product which you want then the snaffle team is still up to pass on some help. You can send a request to them and if they find your desired product on sale by one of their suppliers then they will pass it to you by following the usual procedure. Just because you asked for a custom request does not mean now when you get it, you have to compulsorily buy it, you can as well rent it without any further issues.

Blocking technology

As soon as you buy or rent a product from snaffle both you and the snaffle authorities have the blocking function added in your devices, for you it is added to your cell phone. If at any point your product got stolen then you may simply contact the snaffle team and they will send the thief a message. The blocking technique is also used for tracking your rental period and money. Snaffle team is professional in their work means, even when they have full access to peek into your private matters, they will not do such absurd acts and your privacy will not be invaded in any form. They won’t dig into your personal information unless and until it is from legal notice and urgent.

Renting is easiest with Snaffle

If you think that the process of renting the products is complicated and time-consuming as well then that is not true. The site is easy to understand and manage, whatever you see on the site will get in your head instantly and it is far from time-consuming. For renting, all you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Search for the website on google/chrome/any other source, then tap on the main website result
  • Scroll down to the products part after reading a bit about snaffle
  • Choose your desired product then have a look at it from close
  • Send an application to finalize the deal with the company

And you are all set! The process does have 4 steps but everything will barely take 10 minutes. 


To rent to buy tv, rent to buy laptop and rent to buy fridge you have to take the first initiative to show them that you are interested and for that you will have to send an application of your personal preferences to them, following are the elements present in the application:

  • One form of ID – this is required to show them who you are, from where you are, your citizenship and some vital points which are usually asked.
  • Reference – here comes another important part, do make sure you mention your references in clear words for better and easy understanding, write about your top and middle preferences and with each statement make yourself clear to prevent any confusion. This term is required to show them what you are looking for on their site and by making yourself clear at the start, you will have a chance to get the upper hand at the time of the final agreement and deal.
  • A bank statement – this is to show that you are not joking and there are of course other reasons to mention the bank statement but the aforementioned is a genuine one.
  • Income and expense details – by asking for this they are not trying to embark in your privacy but making sure if you can pay the rent on time without any severe problems, at times people tend to go for renting instead of buying even when they can afford, why?  Because they plan their future in a different aspect and for that, they would be needing money at the moment and at this period, renting seems better than buying.

These were the main topics to look at for knowing more about the site and before going to give it a try. For rent to buy tv, rent to buy laptop and rent to buy fridge you must choose snaffle. 

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