Retire To Italy: What Kind Of Visa Does Italy Accept? Know Here!

With its several fantastic attributes and a beautiful panoramic landscape, Italy has loads of goodies to offer. Who doesn’t dream of settling in a serene country after retirement? After spending all the stressful days amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, it is usual for you to nurture this desire to retire to Italy.

However, there are specificrules and regulations to adhere to. Often, the legalities tend to be way too intimidating. With all those stringent Visa requirements and immigration criteria to be fulfilled, you may feel that your dream to retire to Italy is going to shatter. But, wait! We won’t let you feel disappointed with your dreams being crumbled.

Wondering why? This is because, in this article, we will share with you everything that you need to know about the two main types of Visa that Italy accepts and are available in this serene land. Let’s begin the discussion, shall we?

2 Types of Visa That Italy Accepts From the Expats

  • Type #1: Elective Residence Visa

People, who are harboring the desire to retire to Italy, can select the Elective Residence Visa option as it has lenient requirements of attainment. No need to be a business owner or job holder! Aren’t the requirements of this visa too expat-friendly?Obviously, it has to be the perfect Visa choice for the expatriates. You just need to meet a specific income level and show evidence of having proper accommodation in Italy before shifting here. No other visa has such a swift application time as this.

Make sure that you satisfy the following conditions to get the Elective Residence Visa that holds the keys to entry in your dream country.


  1. No matter what the nature of the income source is, you need to have at least an income of €31,000.
  2. You need to possess-
  1. Evidence of ownership of permanent accommodation in Italy
  2. Proof/documents of an international health insurance
  3. Slip of the latest statement from your bank upholding the transactions made recently.
  4. A couple of letters of recommendation from both your bank and the accountant of the bank.
  5. Proof of a couple of the latest tax returns filed under your name.
  6. Proper evidence of your permanent residency in your native country.
  • Make sure that you meet all of the above requirements before shifting to Italy when going through the various formalities in the Embassy Office of Italy located in your home country.
  • Do note that you won’t be allowed to change to any other type of Visa, indulge in trading, and get employed once you retire to Italy.
  • Type #2: Business & Corporate Visa

Are you the managing director of any well-established company? Were you appointed in the post of director in a company that is a minimum 3-year old? If yes, get excited to get your business and corporate visa to spend the rest of your lovely days in Italy.


  • You need to show that the company you are employedin has received proper registration from the Italian Chamber of Commerce.
  • Make sure that you can show proper documents of your ownership of accommodation in Italy along with evidence of your two latest tax returns.
  • You also need to show a proper statement backed by a legal representative,and it has to state clearly a minimum yearly compensation of €8,400.
  • It is also essential for you to show evidence of the ownership of your permanent residence in your native land.


Apart from the above-mentioned two kinds of Italy-accepted visas, other kinds of visas allowed in Italy include startup, investor, and freelance visas. All these are profession-specific visas, so you should go for the elective residence visa. Here is your chance to make your dream to retire to Italy come true! Consult withRetire2Italy to develop a strong immigration strategy so that your application process doesn’t witness any failure. Wishing youa beautiful life ahead in Italy!

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