Safety Tips For Buying Different Types of Zorb Balls

Zorbing is an activity that can make your dreams of walking on water and sliding down hills come true. While the activity sounds fun and exciting, one should also take proper safety precautions while doing zorbing.

It is even more intriguing than all of this is made possible by a simple sphere hollow ball. These balls now come in various shapes and sizes, allowing people to select the one that best suits their needs.

This comprehensive guide will tell you the various types of Zorb ball, some essential safety tips, and which may be best for you.

What Are the Different Types Of Zorb Ball?

Zorbing can be enjoyed on water, land, snow etc. And hence there are different types of Zorb ball. These several varieties have their distinct characteristics which is eventually making zorbing a popular activity.

Dirt Zorb Balls

This is one of the most popular Zorb balls available. This ball is ideal for those who enjoy dry zorbing and enjoy running, jumping, flipping, rolling, and hanging out with their friends on the ground.

It is 1 millimeter thick and made of transparent but strong plastic. It can securely hold people up to 8 feet tall and has a diameter of 12 feet. Because it is made of PVC, it is lightweight, durable, and stretchy. Furthermore, depending on the customer’s preference, it can be delivered with or without a harness. So, take one of these and slide down the hill.

Water Zorbing Balls

This is another of the fundamentals that children enjoy the most. These balls would enable Walk, run, and play in a circle with your partner in the water.

Inflatable water Zorb balls have high-quality straps and handles that ensure complete safety and endless fun. In addition, the ball is made of high-quality rubber and latex, which makes it resistant to punctures and holes. The size of the water balls can also be customized. So, floating on water would be a dream come true with these in your life!

Snow Zorb Balls

When it comes to land and water, how can one overlook snow? Snowy surfaces also call for some zorbing fun. That’s where zorbing snowballs come in handy.

However, such amusement poses few risks because the snow does not provide much friction to the ball. It makes movement difficult and increases the likelihood of the ball freezing. As a result, this should only be done under professional supervision. It has some unique product details, such as a nylon string attached and a stainless-steel D-ring, to make the ball safer and warmer for you. Go for it if you’re willing to take chances.

Bubble Zorb Balls

Bubble rides are the first thing that comes to mind when thinking outside the box! Bubble zorbing is a novel way to have fun while riding or participating in intense football and soccer games. Unlike traditional zorb balls, these hemispherical balls fit the head area of your upper body and give you complete control over the rest of your body.

After using them, you may collide with another player or fall, and your head will not feel a thing. As a result, you get fun and safety with this one-of-a-kind helmet ball. So, all you soccer fans, start planning your next game with these.

So, now you know about the various types of zorb balls available on the market. But how do you know which one is best for you? Let’s find out.

Safety Tips While Buying A Zorb Ball

Once you know the best option for Zorb Ball suitable for you, the next thing you should keep in mind is its safety. While playing with a Zorb Ball is fun and exciting, one should not invite any risk. To not face such issues, you should:

·      Buy a good quality Zorb Ball from a good brand:

Most of the Zorb Ball accidents happen due to the low-quality material used in the Zorb Ball. While buying a zorb ball, always ensure that the brand is trustworthy and has acceptable materials.

 kameymall is one of the best places to get a Zorb Ball due to its authenticity and trustworthiness.

·      Look for defects and do an outer examination:

You will be inside the Zorb ball, so you definitely won’t want the layers protecting you from being damaged, ruptured, or with holes. The risk increases depending on where you will be playing with the Zorb Ball. If you plan to Zorb on water, a hole in the zorb ball will make a passage for water to enter.

·      Make sure the Zorb ball has straps:

When zorbing, being strapped is very important. Thus, ensure and examine whether the zorb ball has a strap, and if yes, get a look over its quality to take no risk at all.


zorbing is an incredible way to have fun because of the magic of these massive Zorb balls. Depending on the surface you want to Zorb balls come in various sizes and shapes. You can always choose as per your preference by keeping in mind the safety tips.

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