Six Features In A House That Will Attract Buyers

House sales – and, more crucially, the things house purchasers want to see when they’re viewing – are traditionally at the forefront of our minds at this time of year. Therefore, it is essential to consider some aspects if you plan on buying a house in near future such as which property will be secure for you and your family, which house offers you a prompt sale and to buy a house in the best price possible.

Every house buyer has different priorities when it comes to what they want in their next home. There are specific trends in what individuals seek in a home, but one important feature to one buyer may be utterly meaningless to another. However, each buyer certainly prefers practicality over aesthetics while finalizing a decision. 

Once you’ve decided “where” to buy, the question becomes “which property.” Most purchasers have four or five “must-have” characteristics in a home that they will not compromise on. Following the “must-haves,” there is usually a long list of “good to have,” usually more negotiable. If a property checks all the “must-have” boxes and many of the “good to have” boxes, buyers look to see if anything is a sufficient “turn off” to prevent them from making an offer.

You should emphasize the positive qualities of your house, also termed as the ‘turn-ons,’ to give yourself the best chance of selling at the highest price and in the shortest time possible and try to reduce any negative attributes, also known as ‘turn-offs.’ 

Built-in storage

Storage is a factor that cannot go unnoticed by any house buyer. Mainly because today there has been a trend of built-in storage. Thus, this feature is a must when it comes to buying a house. Built-in storage makes the house rooms more spacious and is ideal for open spaces, which can be used in other different ways. 

Outdoor space

For many potential buyers, outdoor spacing is a must on the list. The focal reason behind this is that outdoor spaces are considered as an extension of one’s living space. In terms of outdoor spacing, the size and aspect of the outdoor area are essential since gardens facing the south or the west seem to be more attractive. 

A neat yet straightforward lawn is a surprising feature that almost every house buyer wants. It may not be on their list but keeping a garden in such a way can make buyers think about how they can transform the area according to their preferences and desires. Furthermore, buyers are free from the hassle of spending money on expensive removal or upkeep of plants. 

Outdoor Kitchen

One of the modern outdoor kitchen ideas that many look for in a home is the outdoor kitchen setup. Today’s outdoor spaces can be set up for an outdoor kitchen pretty easily using modular designs. Companies offering these modular setups have software that will help you pick the right pieces and design your own in no time. An island, a grill, and many other pieces can be picked separately and assembled together. An outdoor cooking and socializing area is a big plus to people looking for a new home.

Kitchen Island

We all know that the kitchen is the heart of the house. Hence, it is the room that any buyer most assesses. One thing or feature per se that all house buyers look for in a kitchen is an island. If you have an island already in the kitchen, you can always freshen it up with a coat of paint to make it the center of attraction. This will make the kitchen look more appealing to the buyers. 

An open plan 

House buyers are increasingly looking for living space that flows fluidly from one area to another, as highly segregated homes are no longer a priority. When it comes to the kitchen and dining spaces, this is especially true. We all enjoy mingling and entertaining, so having a living environment that facilitates these activities is quite tempting. For young families, open-plan living is also a consideration because it helps busy parents to keep a better eye on their youngsters. Moreover, it lets the children play/roam freely rather than being cooped up in congested areas. 

Home less than five years old

Several people wish to have a newer, stylish home. Those who prefer a more contemporary house are willing to pay more. However, this is a pricy investment as compared to most features. The same money can be used more wisely in the long run because newer houses cost less on amendments and wear and tear. In simpler words, new houses require less maintenance as compared to older homes. Samuelson concluded that more recent homes are much more efficient and aesthetic for people who are conscious about their surroundings. 

Exterior Lighting

Attractive exterior lighting is an amazing way to enhance beauty and make a valuable investment for functional purposes. There are two significant benefits of installing exterior lights in your house. First, a properly lit house looks attractive since people passing by can look at it and admire the house’s beauty. Furthermore, investing in exterior lighting is very important if you wish to host gatherings and parties outdoors. Not only this, but exterior lighting is also very much helpful in terms of safety. A few installments of exterior lights will make your home safer from its occupants. With these installations, you can host several parties at your place, be it a barbeque, a birthday party, a game night, etc. When it comes to the price of installing these lights, they can be installed under a minimal cost. However, the cost can be increased if you wish to add luxurious fixtures and designs. But the point remains the same; that these installments can be done at an affordable price. 

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