Stop Being Overwhelmed by Indoor Cycling

Many people think Indoor cycling is not even close to cycling outdoors. Most of them are extroverts who don’t like being enclosed in their homes while they work-out. They want people to see them while they pedal and sweat out. On the other hand there are people who want a private time while they exercise, be it cycling or running. These people prefer treadmills and training bikes over outdoor runs and rides. Fortunately, there is a brand-new app that can serve both these kinds of people. It is called Vingo and it can bring the outdoors before your eyes, even if you are cycling indoors.

Cycling is Easier than Other Exercises

First off, cycling is a great exercise. It is easier, fun, and you won’t feel the stress of working out while you are at it. This is why many people have started cycling instead of hitting the gyms and lifting weights to tone their bodies. They can achieve the same results with a good bike and a brisk ride in it. Even people who used to jog and sprint are shifting to cycle to gain more results in a short time. If you are already into cycling then you know what we’re talking about.

Buy a Training Cycle & Start Working Out

However, if you are new to this trend, then we suggest you try it out. Get yourself a training cycle and set it up at a comfortable corner of your home. Next, fix up a daily schedule as to when you have to exercise and how long you have to do it every day. Once you regularise your schedule you will get used to it and there will come a point when if you miss cycling for a day you will feel like something’s missing.

Connect Your Cycle with Vingo

You can make your cycling schedule even easier with the Vingo app. The app uses virtual reality software to give you an outdoor experience while you cycle indoors. The app has a lot of maps with beautiful sceneries and varying terrains. They will take you into an adventure every time you step on your cycle. You will never feel bored of your exercise time with Online cycling.

Create Your Personalised Workout Sessions

Using Vingo, you can create your personalised work-out sessions that can make your work-outs more effective. The Indoor cycling app can be programmed to suit your timings. You can change difficulty levels, create timed sessions and also make the app give you reminders to help you exercise regularly.

Run with Your Friends in the Virtual World

In case you’re bored of cycling, you can also use Vingo to go on online running trips by pairing it with your treadmill. Instead of searching for running trails near me you can get into the virtual world and go on a good run in the virtual world. You can do a lot more with this amazing app. Install the app and get fit with your friends in less than 90 days.

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