Take The Earbuds That Will Get You To the Next Level

Ear bud are necessary accessories for every smartphone you may have. They connect your ears to the smartphone without needing you to take it close to your face. Sometimes it’s better for your health since you may avoid the radiation coming from the phone and getting close to your brain and other sensitive organs.

Here are the best qualities of the honor ear buds that have come here to conquer both the physical and the online world market.

Easy Charging

The best part of them is that they can charge easily. They need only 10 minutes to be fully charged and ready for another session of listening to music and taking calls from your smartphone. 

Wireless Connection

All the ear buds have some way of connectivity with smartphones. It’s easier to have these buds connected through the Bluetooth wireless protocol since it gives a low radiation connection without the need to recharge them a lot since that connection requires less power.

Long Battery Life

They can stand up to 32 hours without the need for a full recharge. That is awesome, especially for professionals who travel a lot and may not have the chance to recharge them during their trip. Even though their battery life has to do with the power consumption and their use, you can always know their battery life level simply by looking at your smartphone screen.

Active Noise Cancellation

You certainly don’t need others to listen to the road noises when you are out. That’s why these ear buds come with active noise cancellation. Using a high-tech noise frequency detector, the buds can easily isolate your voice from the surrounding sounds. That way, other people will listen to you as if you were in your office.

Anatomical Shape

A big problem for such ear buds used to be their size and shape. Since you need to have them inside your ears for long hours, they should follow your ear’s anatomy all the time. That is the case for the honor buds that make it easy for you to wear them all the time.

Awareness Mode

There is an awareness mode that allows you to talk with people when you meet them without the need to have the ear buds deactivated. That awareness mode lets you know when an incoming call comes, and you have the chance to take or reject the call by pressing a simple button.

Music Playback

These accessories are also known for their music playback abilities. You can choose to listen to your favorite music and adjust the volume to the best possible level. These buds allow you to enjoy your music for more than 30 hours before there is a need to recharge them. It’s the optimal solution for people who love music and like to listen to it through their smartphones without having others know what they do.

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