The evolution of co-ord sets in Pakistan

The fashion industry in Pakistan has a gorgeous history that keeps on evolving and introducing new trends and fashion. All the new and old trends reflect the country’s culture in one way or the other. One of the most significant evolution is the upgradation of co-ord sets in Pakistan. Co-ord sets are matching pairs of outfits that come in different cuts and styles. These outfits are 2 pc dresses that resonate in color or patterns. These dresses are not new to Pakistan fashion freaks but the demand for these dresses has elevated over the past couple of months.

2023 comes up with an outburst of a huge variety of co-ord sets that can be carried in all seasons according to their fabrics. Due to the increase in the demand for co-ord sets in Pakistan, Pakistani fashion designers and Pakistan clothing brands have come up with an extraordinary collection of co-ord sets with numerous cuts and designs.

The origin of co-ord sets in Pakistan

Co-ord sets in Pakistan are not a new fashion, but it dates back to the 1970s when they first got into the limelight. These designs were commonly used by women of that era. Fabrics like silk, velvet, and cotton were mainly a part of their co-ord sets. However, the cuts were simple and there was no diversity in the designs at that time. With the advancement in culture and the introduction of television dramas and print media such as fashion magazines, co-ord sets in Pakistan took a turn towards diversity. They became more stylish. The prints and stitching techniques became advanced as well. This changed the simple co-ord sets into stylish attire that was used as casual and formal wear attire back then till the 90s.

Co-ords sets in Pakistan have now become one of the top trends in 2023. This is because of the revolutionary changes and evolution in their designs and styles. Also, they have become more accessible and pocket-friendly. You can get the type of co-ord set you want at very reasonable prices online and in stores now. These co-ord sets come in different fabrics and designs. These days summer co-ord sets

Summer co-ord sets

Pakistan is a hot place to be in summer here. You have to keep your body safe from the hot and humid weather conditions. But maintaining style and perfection is also a part of daily essentials. That’s why summer co-ord sets in Pakistan are designed to not only meet the fashion demands of the masses but also to be comfortable enough to carry in the summer season. Pakistani co-ord sets come in different fabrics that include lawn, cotton, silk, velvet, chiffon, and others. Lawn and cotton are the best fabrics for the summer season as they are breathable and lightweight.

For formal wear, you can select chiffon and georgette co-ord sets. Because they come in luxury fabrics and they have a greater margin of styling as well. With the evolution of co-ord sets in Pakistan, the embroidered variety has also become a significant part of these catalogs. Threadwork, mirrorwork, beads, and sequins are used to embellish these outfits to give them a luxurious finish. Pair them up with some delicate jewelry and you are ready to go to any formal or dressy occasion.

Printed Co-ord sets in Pakistan

You will come across a huge variety of co-ord set prints when you plan to shop them for your summer wardrobe. The best thing about these prints is that they come in almost every type of shade that you want to adore. Those pink and peachy shades that make you look girlish and younger are a must-have in your closet. Floral prints are the most captivating ones because they give you a fresher and energized look. Floral prints cover pretty daisies, roses, lilies, and other floral ranges.

In addition to the floral prints, there is a wide variety of geometric prints that you can style with. These geometric prints include stripes, blocks, irregular shapes, and other geometric designs. The best advantage of these prints is that they make your presence dominant and give you a bossy look overall. Depending upon the color combination and styling of your geometric co-ord sets, you can redefine your fashion sense with no effort at all. 

Not only this but also there is a great variation of digital and paste printed co-ord sets in Pakistan. Digital prints never fail to satisfy your aesthetic sense of fashion. However, paste-printed designs give a luxurious and fashionable finish to your outfits. These shiny prints are good to go casually as well as formally. Just pair them up with suitable accessories and here you go!

Most popular designs of co-ord sets in Pakistan

With the advancement in color combinations and upgradation of prints, the stitching techniques have also evolved a lot and that has resulted in greater styling options. Co-ord sets in Pakistan are available in a huge range of cuts. The most popular designs include kurta-style shirts paired with either Capri, trousers, straight pants, or palazzo. You can also pair them with bell bottoms. In addition to this, A-line kurta and frock style co-ord sets are also highly demanded by fashion freaks. If you want to go for a cultural or traditional co-ord set you can select a kurta and shalwar design or an angrakha style with a shalwar.

Moreover, you can style your sleeves the way you want to. This year sleeves and border designs are a bit more in fashion as compared to necklines. The neckline is kept simple while minimalistic sleeves and a decent border complete the entire ensemble. Delicate and simple lace work is done on the co-ord sets to make them look stylish and suitable to wear at dressy events as well.

Where to get co-ord sets in Pakistan?

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