These Teen Movie Characters Had The Absolute Best Style

Teen movies will always have a special place in our hearts, regardless of our age. They are full of lighter drama, swoon-worthy romance storylines, and some of the most memorable characters that have inspired generations of upcoming actors. One of the best ways to remember a character is his/her fashion sense. Fashion is such an important aspect of every film, particularly adolescent films. 

These characters, regardless of the decade, brought some big adolescent movie style. If you want to know all about the fashionable teen movie icons, keep scrolling down this article.

Best Teen Movie Characters With The Best Fashion Sense

Before we dive into the list, you must know that we will be mentioning the characters as well as the movies that made them style icons. So, you can download these films from the pirate bay and see what we are raving about.

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1: Cher Horowitz—Clueless

Clueless’ impact on the Millennial generation is commendable, but Cher’s stylish clothes are the embodiment of movies inventing their own style. When developing the clothes for Clueless, director Amy Heckerling stated that they foretold the future of fashion. By thinking like a fashion designer, the film was able to create its own feminine, plaid-clad aesthetic. Talking about plaid, the first school outfit is awesome. But, her red dress at the party, Calvin Klein’s white mini dress, and sheer blouse with a cropped sweater are equally breathtaking!

2: Sandy Olsson—Grease

Grease epitomized the 1950s and taught many of us that tough women could wear pink too. Let’s forget that Sandy completely alters her appearance for a guy since that guy is a young John Travolta, because her new look is insane. The black leather motorcycle jacket and shoulderless top of Sandy Olsson are still in style, which proves how avant-garde her costumes were in the movie. On the other hand, her ‘summer nights’ yellow-n-white costume also makes her look like the girl next door, and you can still rock this look with a little DIY here and there.

3: Sharpay Evans—High School Musical

This film successfully harnessed the early 2000s look for preteens and younger teenagers everywhere. The costumes might have looked ludicrous at that time, but Sharpay’s outfits were on fleek! Her monochrome pink suit at the beginning of the film is one of the least chaotic outfits that this fashion queen has worn. If we talk about HSM 2, her white tankini in the ‘Fabulous’ song and her black dress with a tiara was also pretty fashionable given the era. Talking about HSM 3, if anyone can make a statement in a pink croc skirt and white shirt, it’s Sharapy!

4: Regina George—Mean Girls

Even though we’re supposed to despise The Plastics, we really want to be them. That is, after all, the central theme of the entire film. This film affected and reinforced high school hierarchies, but it also did a lot to make many of us fall in love with pink for the first time or for the second time. Regina’s pink Wednesday look and her glamorous pajama set when she orchestrates the three-way call attack on Cady are certainly praiseworthy. In fact, her unexpected headgear at Spring Fling and bunny dress during Halloween are still good enough to make a statement. 

5: Tracy Turnblad—Hairspray

Hairspray greeted the 1960s with open arms, proving that the misfits are generally a lot cooler than the popular kids in pure John Waters fashion. More importantly, this video elevated a plus-size woman to the top of the fashion food chain. Tracy Turnblad is gorgeous and her colorful clothing choice, despite being a plus-sized teen, oozes confidence. All of her outfits have a certain oomph that makes us look back at her outfits again and again.

6: Veronica Sawyer—Heathers

This film influenced a generation to adopt the chic schoolgirl look, including skirt suits. You should wear your own uniform if your school doesn’t mandate one. Throughout the film, Veronica Sawyer wears nearly all black, which provides wonderful inspiration for any gal in the all-black-everything aesthetic.

7: Bianca Stratford—10 Things I Hate About You

You don’t always have to be loud or wear something that nobody in their right mind would make a statement.You can also make a statement in a sweet way, and Bianca Stratford is here to teach you that. Her floral-print minidress, her at-home crop top with a hoodie, and her red mini dress with a white pearl necklace are enough to make your eyes drool over her as she walks.

Pay A Tribute!

The next time you think of wearing an outfit that can make you stand out in the crowd, choose any of these outfits from these iconic characters and create your own ensemble. Once you are ready with these clothes, you can be sure that nobody will imitate them. So, pay tribute to these iconic fashionistas, and restyle their most popular dresses.

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