Tips for Making Your Home Child-Friendly after Divorce

After divorce, you may need to move out with the kids and find a new home. Creating a comfortable and homey home for them may not be easy after all the changes they have gone through. However, it is crucial to ensure the kids feel secure and safe. So, when adjusting the home, make sure it will be fun and safe for the kids. This is extremely crucial if you do not want to lose custody. After helping couples resolve their divorce cases, North Carolina divorce attorneys always advise their clients on the importance of building safe homes for their children. So, we have compiled several tips you can use to design your home for the kids’ safety and comfort.

  1. Avoid Fragile and Sensitive Materials

How the kids live after the divorce is crucial. Kids can be messy and want to explore new places. So, you must ensure you don’t have fragile or sensitive materials in the house. Ensure the materials you choose will be easy to clean and do not spoil quickly. Opt for quality materials. They may be expensive, but they will save you a lot of money in the long run. It is also vital to ensure your kids live in a less fragile environment.

  • Decorate with Carpets

Children, especially toddlers, spend a lot of time on the floor. Therefore, the floor should always be clean and safe. That means investing in high-quality and soft carpets. Choose those you can wash with the machine since they will get messy quickly. This way, you will have a safe home for the kids.

  • Invest in Washable Covers

Another thing you need to keep your house clean is investing in washable covers. You don’t wish the authorities to come to a messy home and take the kids away from you. So, ensure you put washable covers on the seats to avoid a stain problem.

  • Keep Your Home Child-Proofed

Kids will put anything in their mouths. They are also prone to fall, especially if they are learning to walk. Therefore, you need to ensure your home is child proofed. Put rubber bands at the edges of sharp corners like tables and keep dangerous items like chemicals and medicines away from the children. Make sure you also install a fence around the swimming pool with a lockable gate. The important thing is to ensure you don’t have things around the house that could hurt the kids.

  • Involve Your Kids

With all the changes that come with separation and divorce, you must understand that the kids may be stressed too. So, if you want them to adjust quickly, give them a chance to choose some things. Involve them when setting up the new home by asking them to choose the things they like. This will give them a chance to live in a good environment.

  • Create Play Areas

Make sure you also leave some space for the kids to play. Your kids may spend much time at home after the divorce before you get everything settled. So, create play areas to ensure they will not get bored. Give them several toys and learning materials to keep them busy.

Bottom Line

Kids go through a hard time during divorce, and the best thing you can do after all this is to create a comfortable environment for them. So, ensure you adjust their home to keep them safe and comfortable. It will also eliminate anything that may trigger conflict with your ex-spouse.

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