Top 6 Benefits of Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship

The search for options to improve your life and business activities will undoubtedly lead to studying unique programs. The peculiarity of the offers comes down to the fact that a foreigner can exchange funds for a passport. Of course, the cost of the procedure depends on the conditions of the chosen state, but second citizenship significantly affects the life of investors.

It is challenging to take care of the future and choose a great option. Therefore, interested parties try to select an offer justified by the proposed advantages. If you are interested in obtaining new benefits, it is worth paying attention to Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment.

Thanks to the detailed explanations, you can evaluate the program’s pros and choose the best option. To find reliable data, pay attention to the analysis of Svetlana Gorchakova (expert of the agency Immigrant Invest). The expert’s point of view will allow you to evaluate the program correctly.

List of key benefits of Antigua and Barbuda citizenship

The list of attractiveness does not say that the disadvantages of Antigua and Barbuda citizenship are absent. However, a detailed analysis will show that this popular program is worthy of the attention it receives. Why do investors want to get second citizenship? The answer to this question includes six main benefits.

Benefit #1: Visa-Free Travel to over 165 Countries

Island residents enjoy a simplified border crossing regime. European Union countries are open to citizens. Minimum documents are required to visit a foreign country. It is because the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda are exempt from the mandatory registration of visa permits. 

You may be required to apply for a visa upon arrival. However, there is no prior preparation necessary thanks to visa-free travel. Britain is also included in the list. In addition, Schengen countries open their borders to island passport holders.

Benefit #2: Tax Benefits and Incentives

The taxation system is another pros of Antiguan passport. There is no tax on inheritance, capital gains, and dividends. Therefore, residents are exempt from double taxation and successfully develop their businesses. It is also worth mentioning that the social tax is about 8%.

Benefit #3: Fast-Tracked Application Process

The application process is available without a personal visit to the consulate. Immigration applications are submitted online if you have the required documents. There is no need to reside in the islands or meet additional conditions. Application processing takes less than half a year, sometimes up to 3 months.

Benefit #4: Business and Investment Opportunities

Developing a business with second citizenship is a great way to get back the money you spend. The payback rate depends on the option you choose, as there are several alternatives. In addition, participants in the program enjoy several advantages of Antigua and Barbuda citizenship, which include:

  • hassle-free travel thanks to excellent airline infrastructure;
  • opportunity to open a tourist business using the purchased real estate;
  • a unique system of taxation and stable tax rates.

Simplified cost optimization process to generate profits also becomes a benefit of citizenship.

Benefit #5: High-Quality Education and Healthcare

The health care and education system does not disappoint. Residents enjoy a comfortable environment where they can receive the services they need. A stable economic and political environment also makes residents and recent foreign investors feel comfortable.

Benefit #6: Beautiful Scenery and Lifestyle

It is the next benefit of making an application to the program. Fantastic scenery, beautiful views, and mountain peaks catch your eye and take your breath away. All you have to do to enjoy the beauty surrounding you is to make an application. Enjoying the benefits of Antigua and Barbuda passport is easy.


Having so many benefits encourage a greater demand for participation in the program. Obtaining citizenship while retaining your previous one allows you to gain access to Antigua and Barbuda visa-free countries. Nothing stops you from enjoying the other benefits of the program!  

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