Top 7 Manga Online To Read In 2023!

2023 appears to be among the most exciting years for comic series that have been revealed. The quantity of rights English manga companies are receiving is thrilling, and with manga’s increasing popularity, many more are in the pipeline. Publishers appear to focus on a combination of classic and contemporary series that have not yet been released in English, featuring new books by brilliant writers like Sui Ishida. Websites such as Mangakakalot and Mangaowl are updated with the latest manga titles. This list will go you through the Top 7 Manga Online that you shouldn’t miss in 2023!

1.    My Sister the Cat




Slice of Life

A teenage guy gets taken into a household of cats who move, speak, and act like people in this touching slice-of-life humor! Nekota is raised by family acquaintances who are two human-sized moving, conversing cats after his mother dies at an early age. Along with having fuzzy pointed ears, claws, and tails, his new parents also have a cute young sister named Neneko-chan. He has fit in well with them as a high school student, and his intelligent adopted sister has welcomed him wholeheartedly as her big brother. Life with this endearing cat family is never boring, whether she’s exhibiting to him what she took home from primary school, persistently pleading for him to interact with her mouse toy, or waking him up at an ungodly hour each morning for breakfast!


2.   Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari




Seinen, Action, Fantasy.

Whenever spirits enter the mortal realm, they can take on the shape of something known as a tsukumogami and inhabit it. The Saenome clan helps send tsukumogami return to the spiritual realm calmly to prevent devastation since they may be either compassionate or aggressive, or a mixture of both. Hyouma Kunato is a part of the dynasty, but he isn’t calm because he still harbors resentment after the theft of something significant by a tsukumogami. Hyouma’s grandpa assigns him to reside in Kyoto with Nagatsuki Botan, a strange young woman who continues to live with a tsukumogami-like family, out of fear that Hyouma’s rage in interacting with these entities could result in terrible disasters! When faced with tsukumogami, can Hyouma understand how to control his feelings, or is his spirit destined to stay enraged forever?


3.   The Knight Blooms Behind Castle Walls


Yuduka, Masanari


Fantasy, Slice of Life.

Rosa aspires to take up weapons and defend the populace as a knight! But she must initially become a squire, and squire responsibilities around the palace are far less glamorous to balance dealing with the horses in the barn with cutting wood or tackling a pile of clothes. Rosa must always be prepared to help the knight she adores. Even though the things she performs in this position might appear unimportant, they are all crucial milestones in her development into a legendary knight. Rosa will approach each obstacle with the spirit of a champion!

  • Is Love The Answer?


Uta Isaki


Drama, Slice of life

The protagonist of the narrative is a high school student named Chika, who has never been in love or even had an infatuation with someone and has no yearning for intimate contact. Chika has misgivings despite her friends’ assurances that she hasn’t found the right person yet. Chika discovers a term for how she feels within, and she is not the sole person when she enrolls in university and meets other students who identify with her. Chika understands that the solution she long wanted could not occur and that it’s okay after pondering for years if affection was the solution.


5.   Break of Dawn


Tetsuya Imai


Sci-fi, Drama.

It’s 2038, but more crucially, summertime. Yuma, a young child, is preoccupied with the Arville Comet’s coming arrival. He snuck it onto residential buildings a day and discovered something astounding out of the ordinary realm. As a new generation for Yuma and civilization dawns, he and his pals must now collaborate to unearth a mystery that has lain dormant on the planet for ages.


6.  The Yakuza’s Bias


Teki Yasuda



In the notorious yakuza organization Oshio-gumi, Takeru is among the senior commanders. He follows the rules of the Japanese underground, according to which commitment is paramount and relationships between troops and their aniki are revered links. Up until the boss’s sole child forces him to attend a K-pop performance, when he meets Jun for the first time. Takeru enters the fanbase with all the earnestness and passion that only a real man who follows the path of the yakuza could conjure after becoming captivated like a new hire on his first day.


7.   The Princess of Convenient Plot Devices


Kazusa Yoneda, Mitsuya Fuji, & Mamecyoro


Shoujo, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance.

The chance to embark on a journey of her favorite book may seem like a fulfillment of a dream, but for Maki Tazawa, it poses a particular obstacle. Maki, who in her former life was an avid fan of this genre, today gets to spend her time as princess Octavia and socialize with her brother, prince Sirius, and his partner Lord Sil. But no descendant can be born of two men. According to the legend, princess Octavia accepts a marriage alliance and abandons her biological offspring to the crown to resolve the inheritance issue. However, this Octavia won’t consent to such an unjust outcome! She may reside in a boys’ love storyline, but so what? She is driven to find love just as her parents did.



When you love reading and learning more about the culture of Japan, you’ll enjoy reading manga series. Japanese manga books differ from American graphic novels in many ways. Manga books consist of only black and white drawings, while American graphic novels are usually in full color and read right to left. Mangaowl is a must-visit site to access the latest reading materials listed above. The manga titles above are a must-read for every manga lover.

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